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DJ Mitchell, Former Major League Pitcher, RockBox Fitness

Rick is joined by former Major League pitcher and owner of the latest RockBox Fitness, DJ Mitchell.

Fitness in Marietta, Ga. will never be the same.

A former college, Minor League and Major League pitcher, DJ has many great stories to share and his unique philosophy when it comes to fitness. DJ worked his way up through the Yankee organization and hold the rare distinction of being traded for a future Hall of Famer when he was part of a trade for Ichiro Suzuki to the Mariners.

When Mitchell moved to Atlanta he wanted to be involved in a business that utilized his athletic background and gave him the chance to make an impact beyond the field of play.

As co-owner of RockBox Fitness with his wife Beth, opened Jan. 10 in the Parkaire Landing Shopping Center in East Cobb, DJ and his staff are teaching boxing-based workouts, in a state of the art fight club meets nightclub environment.

The studios are equipped with high-end sound systems to rock the tunes that keep members pumped and pushing hard. Color-adaptive lighting is also used to cue another level of psychological motivation. When the lights change, so does the intensity.

The RockBox full body workout includes a 50-minute HIIT combination of boxing, kickboxing and functional strength training with kettle bells, battle ropes and sleds. The workouts change every day and circulate through two different boxing stations and 10 iPad kiosks, each with a different functional exercise. Each kiosk is loaded with over 900 different exercises, ensuring variety with every class. During any given workout, you can expect to punch, kick, push, pull, and more and burn up to 1,000 calories.

“RockBox changes lives, and brings together people from all over our city into this community of fitness and fun,” says DJ, “We are on a first name basis here, and on your team to help you achieve your personal goals.”

Listen and hear more from DJ and Rick!

Egypt Taylor and ‘Bounce Back Challenge’

Rick talks with the multi-talented personal fitness trainer, Egypt Taylor this week on ‘Tech of Sports.’

`As a personal trainer, Egypt believes in online fitness and offers a variety of solutions for those looking for a healthier body, mind and soul.

Her 5 week Bounce Back Challenge will set you up for a great 2021!

Egypt attended Southern University, where she was captain of the Cheerleading team. In college, she attended theater/acting classes, which opened her eyes to the entertainment industry. Egypt earned her degree in broadcasting journalism, which then piqued her interest in film. Upon graduating, her passion for film continued to grow, & she is continuing to study and further her career in film & television. Productions: MTV Revenge Prank (2020) Zero (III) (2018), Music & Murder (2017), Push (II) (2016), The Perfect Race (2019), 2015 Push, 2015 Bad Apple. Fitness is also a passion and Egypt is active and interactive on social media.

Get details on how Egypt can help you here.

Follow Egypt on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/3gyptianfit/?hl=en

“The Future of Fitness Fun”

Jeff Zwiefel, EVP and COO for Life Time Talking Fitness in 2020-2021

Rick is joined by the COO of Life TIme, Jeff Zwiefel, this week.

Each year millions of Americans set resolutions and fitness goals to kick off their New Year, however with many living a generally sedentary lifestyle during the pandemic it’s been difficult to stay in shape. A recent study from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows there’s been a 32% reduction in physical activity this year and another poll finds 53% of people say their mental health has been negatively impacted by the pandemic. As we enter 2021, personal health and fitness has never been more important.

Life Time is encouraging people to get back to their health and fitness goals by taking one positive action during its Commitment Day celebrations. On Wednesday December 30th, Chief Operating Officer of Life Time Jeff Zwiefel will be available to share how to kick off the New Year and commit to health in 2021 with a variety of tips and events such as virtual 5K, live and on-demand classes and more.


How had the pandemic affected overall health and fitness?
What is the importance behind Commitment Day and One Positive Action and how can people get involved?
Can you share some key tips on how people can create flexible and sustainable fitness goals in 2021?
Where can listeners go for more information?

For more information, visit: www.commitmentday.com.

Zwiefel joined Life Time in December 1998 as Vice President of the Health Enhancement Division, and became Vice President of Fitness, Training and New Program Development in January 2004. He was subsequently named Senior Vice President of Life Time University in March 2005, Executive Vice President of Operations in June 2008, and Chief Operating Officer in October 2013. Zwiefel brings more than 30 years of comprehensive and diverse experience in the health, fitness and wellness industry. Prior to joining Life Time, he was a senior leader at NordicTrack, Inc. for more than nine years, where he last served as Vice President of Product Development. He holds a M.S. in exercise physiology.

Margarita Ventura, Building a Power Body and a Power Life

A return guest this week on “Tech of Sports” and it’s been a while as Margarita Ventura joins Rick.

As the Senior Project Manager of Global Creative, Digital & Content at bareMinerals, Filipino-Spanish fitness model, dancer, actress and competitive athlete rolled into one – Life can get REALLY hectic! In the midst of it all, Margarita went on a journey with the Iron. She co-hosted the show Sex, Love & Bodybuilding on the Generation Iron Network. Then went to train in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting and, of course, strength & bodybuilding. She started dancing and acting again to tap into my artistic integrity and creative expression. So far it’s been so much fun and has served as a great outlet when combining methods.

Not having completed since 2015, I decided to step on stage again for my Pro Show Debut at World Beauty Fitness Fashion Worlds 2019 where I placed Top 5 in the World WBFF Diva Bikini 35+ and just recently Top 4 at WBFF Atlantic City. Not too shabby for my first time at WBFF Worlds where the line up was the best of the best from around the globe.

As a former professional dancer and gym rat since a kid, being healthy and active has always been a source of strength for her through any adversity. However, after years in the advertising world, like many others, she neglected to make my health a priority.

Balancing my professional and personal life was time consuming enough that it almost felt selfish to take time to take care of myself. Being unhealthy can come in various forms, from being too skinny to being overweight or yo-yoing between the two by leaving your nutrition, sleep and exercise regimen to chance. Meanwhile also enduring mental and emotional stress that can affect your physical and hormonal health too.

Margarita joins Rick and talks fitness, life and doing it all!

Check her out on online at www.margaritaventurafit.com.




Jennifer Ramsey, Online Fitness with _fitwithjenn_ on Instagram

Rick has a great guest in Jennifer Ramsey on this week.

Jennifer was a standout track and field student athlete at Wright St. University in Ohio and is completing her undergraduate degree in Sports Science.

More importantly, she has just launched her fitness-centric page on Instagram. Check out _fitwithjenn_ on Instagram.

Jennifer talks about the online fitness craze, her thoughts and being a leader, remaining positive and her brand in the future.

A future leader and bringing a lot to the table, Jennifer is carving out her niche and growing personally and professionally.

A great “Tech of Sports” interview.

Austin Cohen, CEO, FlexIt

Rick is joined this week by Austin Cohen. Cohen is the CEO of the new flexible fitness and gym membership, FlexIt.

Cohen is a consumer venture capitalist and entrepreneur with broad-based experience in strategy, business development, finance and capital raising across the consumer health and wellness, sports, entertainment and technology verticals. Cohen also has extensive operating experience and has a proven track record of accelerating early stage company growth. He has launched multiple fitness brands such as FlexIt, where he is founder and CEO, Cohen is also a partner, founding team member and first employee at private aviation start-up Wheels Up. Cohen received his MBA from Columbia Business School, Columbia University and received his BA from Columbia College, Columbia University. Cohen is from Roslyn, NY and was Valedictorian of Roslyn High School.

Let’s talk fitness…

Flexit is the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to your gym membership

If there is something more frustrating than getting a gym membership, using it and eventually wanting to cancel it, please let me know.
FlexIt–themobile-based solution that allows users to only pay for the gym time they use–announces the launch of its app, which is available in seven markets. FlexIt gives consumers the freedom to choose where and when they work out, providing them with a personalized fitness experience in which there is no upfront cost and the users only pay for the time they spend in the facility.

The app and platform is live in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Phoenix, with more than a dozen additional markets coming soon. FlexIt’s line-up of partner fitness locations currently includes large national players, such as Retro Fitness and Youfit Health Clubs, as well as large regional players, such as Charter Fitness, among many others.

“We created FlexIt so everyone could have the ability to work out how, when and where they want. We’ve been waiting a long time to bring FlexIt to the world, and it feels great to say that day is finally here,” said Cohen.

Featuring best-in-class technology, FlexIt is more than just an app –the FlexIt integrated technology system includes advanced check-in/check-out technology and tools for searching and filtering amenities so that users can tailor their fitness experience in a highly personalized manner.

See more about FlexIt here.

Thanks to Austin and enjoy this episode.