Jeff Zwiefel, EVP and COO for Life Time Talking Fitness in 2020-2021

Rick is joined by the COO of Life TIme, Jeff Zwiefel, this week.

Each year millions of Americans set resolutions and fitness goals to kick off their New Year, however with many living a generally sedentary lifestyle during the pandemic it’s been difficult to stay in shape. A recent study from the Kaiser Family Foundation shows there’s been a 32% reduction in physical activity this year and another poll finds 53% of people say their mental health has been negatively impacted by the pandemic. As we enter 2021, personal health and fitness has never been more important.

Life Time is encouraging people to get back to their health and fitness goals by taking one positive action during its Commitment Day celebrations. On Wednesday December 30th, Chief Operating Officer of Life Time Jeff Zwiefel will be available to share how to kick off the New Year and commit to health in 2021 with a variety of tips and events such as virtual 5K, live and on-demand classes and more.


How had the pandemic affected overall health and fitness?
What is the importance behind Commitment Day and One Positive Action and how can people get involved?
Can you share some key tips on how people can create flexible and sustainable fitness goals in 2021?
Where can listeners go for more information?

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Zwiefel joined Life Time in December 1998 as Vice President of the Health Enhancement Division, and became Vice President of Fitness, Training and New Program Development in January 2004. He was subsequently named Senior Vice President of Life Time University in March 2005, Executive Vice President of Operations in June 2008, and Chief Operating Officer in October 2013. Zwiefel brings more than 30 years of comprehensive and diverse experience in the health, fitness and wellness industry. Prior to joining Life Time, he was a senior leader at NordicTrack, Inc. for more than nine years, where he last served as Vice President of Product Development. He holds a M.S. in exercise physiology.