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Julie Wu, RadRoller.com

Rick gets and education this week from Julie Wu, from RadRoller.com.

RAD mobility and massage tools are designed by experts and for everyone, so we’ve made it our business to make our products high quality, affordable and above all, awesomely effective.

You can even bundle the products and purchase in RAD Kits.

Julie is an instructor with RAD and an expert on each and every product. She explains and can demonstrate how it will help every inch of your body. She is also  a fountain of knowledge as she started her career in the health and sciences field, studying the molecular nature of diabetes in various labs across the US. Finding she wanted to work one-on-one with people (cells in cultures don’t communicate much!), she decided to pursue a 4 year masters degree in Five Element Acupuncture. She now resides in Denver, CO while traveling the world teaching RAD Education.

RAD mobility and massage tools are designed by experts and for everyone, so we’ve made it our business to make our products high quality, affordable and above all, awesomely effective.


Welcome to RadRoller.com
HOME OF THE WORLD’S MOST advanced massage and release tools

Relief in motion is what we’re all about, which means tightness, tension and reduced movement don’t stand a chance against what we bring to the party. There really is something for everyone, so come and get it.

So from the RAD Point Release Kit to the RAD Helix and RAD Rod and more… there is a RAD product that will help you immediately.

RAD products start at just $16. Julie says that whatever RAD product you use, there will be a benefit.

See more at www.radroller.com and thanks to Julie for coming on “Tech of Sports.”

RAD Products

Julie Wu

Felicia Romero, From Fit to Fat to Fit and International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is March 8th, so Rick is joined by fitness expert, Felicia Romero to talk about that, getting fit and advice for staying fit and healthy.

Felicia Romero is a celebrity health and fitness expert, and recently appeared on the second season of the Lifetime hit, “From Fit to Fat to Fit.” Earlier this year she also launched her online fitness and nutrition platform, and launched a program in collaboration with Drew Manning, the creator of From Fit to Fat to Fit. Felicia’s previous success includes several national and world titles as a fitness competitor and becoming a 7-time cover model.

She gives tips on how she climbed the ranks in Hollywood to become “Self-Made”.

After graduating from Arizona State University with a B.A in Poly Science and a Master in Exercise and Wellness, Felicia began to pursue a career as a fitness competitor. She went on to complete in the United States and internationally at the Pro level for 8 years before retiring. She would finish her career with 5 Pro wins, 3 top 4 finishes at the Figure International and a top 5 finish at the Figure Olympia. As a result of this success, Felicia launched her own competitive fitness show, The Felicia Romero Classic, which is an NPC national qualifier that takes place annually.

This was just the beginning for the health and fitness expert. In 2015, she opened her gym FR Fit Method, offering functional training classes to men and women. This was followed by a number of new business ventures, including launching FeliciaRomero.com, her online fitness and nutrition consulting, landing a role on season 2 of “From Fit to Fat to Fit,” on cable television network, Lifetime and securing several corporate wellness collaborations.

See more at www.feliciaromero.com

Career Highlights

 Felicia’s success as a fitness competitor made her a 7-time cover model for Flex Magazine, and allowed her to grace the covers of Muscle and Fitness, Oxygen, Ironman, Fitness RX, and Scottsdale Health.

 With years of experience providing health and wellness consulting, Felicia has become a highly-sought out speaker and regularly delivers presentations on health and wellness topics globally.

 In 2015, Felicia launched her gym FR Fit Method, in Gilbert, Ariz., which offers a variety of functional training classes for men and women.

 Felicia is seen as the go-to expert on all things health and wellness. As a result, she is a regular TV personality on television news programs in the Phoenix-Metropolitan area, including Good Morning Arizona, Your Life A to Z, Arizona Midday, Arizona Daily Mix, and The List, to name a few.

 Her fitness tips, wellness advice and healthy recipes have been seen in a variety of regional and national print, online and broadcast outlets including Cheddar TV, Her Magazine, Men’s Health, and The Daily Meal., to name a few.

 In 2016, Felicia was cast to be part of Lifetime’s hit weight loss reality show, From Fit to Fat to Fit, which premiered in January of 2018.

You can find more details about From Fit to Fat to Fit and check out episodes, here: http://www.mylifetime.com/shows/fit-to-fat-to-fit.

And enjoy her talk with Rick.

Felicia Romero