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Josh Ziering, Founder of Kittyhawk.io

Let’s talk drones this week as Rick caught up with Josh Ziering, of Kittyhawk.io at the 2018 InterDrone show in Las Vegas.

Drones in the world of sports is just one of the topics they cover.

Josh is the Founder of Kittyhawk, a drone operations and management solution backed by Boeing. He is also a founding member of the FAA Unmanned Aviation Safety Team and an FAA Part 107 certificate holder.

As an accomplished UAV pilot, Josh has flown all manner of uncrewed aircraft for over 15 years and flown professionally for the NHL, ABC Television, and various manned-aviation airshows.

A recognized visionary leader, he regularly writes about drone-related topics where he eagerly shares his love of aviation and (often-polarizing) opinions on the future of the industry. Josh is oft quoted in news publications and frequently presents at conferences and participates in panel discussions. A self-taught software programmer and serial entrepreneur, Joshua holds a bachelor’s degree in poetry from Arizona State University.

Drones in sports:

The Steelers just erected a Tarp to prevent people from flying drones and seeing their plays. This is the same football team that sells a branded drone.

Stadium and team owners have seen drones as a looming threat for a long time now.

Temporary Flight Restrictions only apply to stadiums when there are games scheduled. So, technically, its not out of the question to film some other teams practices by drones. 4K Video of every play they’re running wouldn’t be a trivial advantage.

-Drone incidents at stadiums.

From drone fleet asset management to realtime secure video streaming, Kittyhawk has all the functionality and integrations needed to tame the chaos of managing your drone fleet. It was great to talk with Josh about drones and at the end about a famous relative of his.

Josh Ziering

Sharkie Zartman, Author and Certified Health Coach

Great to be joined by Sharkie Zartman this week to talk about her new book.

The book is #HeySportsParents: An Essential Guide for any Parent with a Child in Sports.

Sharkie Zartman is a USVBA five-time All-American volleyball athlete and champion competitor at UCLA where her jersey was retired. She was a member of the U.S. Women’s National Volleyball Team and also competed in the Women’s Professional Volleyball Association for five years and is a member of the California Beach Volleyball Hall of Fame. As a coach, Sharkie led El Camino College to nine league and two state titles, and with her husband, Pat, she helped the South Bay Spoilers junior club team win multiple national titles.

Sharkie holds degrees in kinesiology and instructional technology. She teaches health and fitness at the community college and hosts “Sharkie’s Pep Talk” on Healthy Life Radio. Sharkie is a certified health coach with the official sanction of the New York State Education Department and the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She is also a dynamic speaker and is passionate about inspiring people to live their best lives at any age.

She is the author of ten books, including:
#HeySportsParents (co-author)
Have Fun Getting Fit; Simple Ways to Rejuvenate Your Mind and Body
Take on Aging as a Sport; The Athletic Approach to Aging
Shark Sense; Getting in Touch with Your Inner Shark
So You Think You Can Coach Kids?
Youth Volleyball; The Guide for Coaches and Parents
Empowered Aging; Expert Advice on Staying Healthy, Vital, and Active

If you have a child playing sports, this book is written for YOU! Sports parenting is easier said than done. It’s difficult to watch our kids play a sport and not have any control over the outcome. And it’s challenging to stay calm and supportive while helping our kids navigate the terrain of choices available to them.
However, if done properly, this experience can be very rewarding.

Website: www.sharkiezartman.com

Sharkie Zartman

Brent Huigens, CEO of PWCC Marketplace from The National

PWCC had a presence at the National in Cleveland. So it was great that Rick caught up to PWCC CEO, Brent Huigens.

Brent Huigens, CEO of PWCC. Since 1998, PWCC has provided buyers and sellers of investment-caliber trading cards with an efficient, honest, and predictable marketplace. Trading cards are an emerging real asset class poised for growth as the market better recognizes the inherent supply/demand mismatch inherent to the industry. Compared to traditional brick-and-mortar auction environments, PWCC offers buyers and sellers a superior marketplace, principled in reduced transaction costs, faster turn- times, increased liquidity, and greater transparency. This isn’t just a hobby. It’s an investment.

We hear what PWCC is doing at the National and what they have coming up on the horizon.

PWCC Marketplace is the largest seller of investment-caliber trading cards with thousands of available cards on auction.

Brent Huigens


Steven Walden, Sports Artist

Born and raised in Arkansas, but now living in St. Louis, Steven Walden had one of the most colorful booths at this year’s National (#2169). Bright and bold works of art that look remarkable by themselves, but get even better when Walden himself hands you a pair of 3-D glasses. The 3-D sports art immediately jumps off the canvas.

“I’m an accidental artist and I didn’t know that I could paint until four years ago. This is my second National and is what I now do full-time. I work coast-to-coast with a lot of teams, athletes and charities.”

Walden may have mentioned “charities” last, but don’t let that fool you. His artwork has raised over $200,000 for charitable efforts over the last four years.

“Right now, it’s a one-man operation, so I handle everything: designing the site, marketing, promotion, customer service, ordering and keeping stock of inventory, mailing out orders, and social media interactions.”

Rick talked with the very talented, Steven Walden, at The National on August 3. Enjoy this interview. See more of Steven’s art here.

Steven Walden at The National

Ben Keal is Director of Sales for PrivateCommunities.com

Rick is joined this week, by Ben Keal, Director of Sales for PrivateCommunities.com.

PrivateCommunities.com is the nation’s top online information resource for affluent and age-targeted consumers seeking primary, retirement, or second homes in master-planned lifestyle communities. Ben works with national developers and builders, along with ad agencies, HOAs, and real estate professionals to generate leads, build awareness, and produce ROI for their respective communities. Each year, Ben and his team helps clients connect with more than one million actively searching buyers researching privately developed communities featured on PrivateCommunities.com. Since 1996, more than one thousand communities across the nation have benefitted from advertising on PrivateCommunities.com.

“Lead by Example” is Ben’s motto. Whether he is calling on prospects or working with current clients, Ben believes that being involved in his team’s activity drives a successful department. As Director of Sales, Retention and Operations, his team is focused on winning new clients and maintaining strong relationship with existing customers.

Ben and Rick talk about the role sports play when people of all types are looking for a retirement community and this online resource can help.

Every year, PrivateCommunities.com matches more than 1 million visitors actively searching buyers with hundreds of privately developed communities featured on our website.

Optimized for page one results for top-ranked keywords, PrivateCommunities.com is used by motivated buyers at the moment of relevance – when they begin their search. Showcase your community with a customized feature page to help new prospects discover and learn more about your community. Prospects can also link to your social media, click to your website or contact you directly. They match sales leads generated online with demographic segmentation data licensed from Claritas PRIZM, a leading provider of market research and business intelligence.

Contact Ben and see why PrivateCommunities.com is the right marketing solution for your community.

Enjoy, and learn with this episode of “Tech of Sports.”

Ben Keal

Reviver Auto Co-Founder and CEO Neville Boston

Rick talks with Neville Boston on “Tech of Sports.”

Disrupting a 125-year old industry doesn’t happen overnight… but Reviver Auto Co-Founder and CEO Neville Boston is up to the challenge. That, added with the fact that people, especially sports fans love personalization.

What started out as a way to speed up and streamline the registration process for your car or fleet of vehicles has some additional byproducts. Gone is old dirty metal tag or plate and taking its place is a high tech and customizable digital display.

The Rplate Pro from Reviver Auto is the world’s first digital license plate. The multi-functional digital display and connected vehicle platform offers a variety of features to make driving safer and smarter for consumers including:

-Automated DMV Registration – Including renewals, transfer of ownership and autopay
-Parking & Tolls – Display parking permits & violations, automatically pay tolls
-Safety Alerts – Including emergency, weather and Amber Alerts
-Personalization – Change plate’s background color and add custom messages such as student driver, real driver or baby on board
-Specialty Plate – Handicap, medical condition, senior driver, student driver etc.
-Cause Plate – Support nonprofits, communities, charities and other causes with approved cause plates
-Vehicle Tracking – Track your vehicle, speed and trips, and even display a stolen vehicle message
-Smart Home Connectivity – Connect your Rplate Pro to interact with smart home features such as lights, garage door and security system
-Targeted Messaging – Display customized messaging when the car is legally parked

Rick and Neville talk about how this impacts the world of sports! A fun talk!

Neville Boston