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Jeni Janover, Founder of Liquid Motion

Rick talks with Jeni Janover, founder and certification instructor of Liquid Motion®.

Liquid Motion® is a methodology that can apply to any aspect of life, from everyday movement to technical dance vocabulary. This program teaches how to achieve a seamless and natural movement quality by applying basic dance theory and sensual movement exploration.

Liquid Motion® stands out from other classes because our methods apply to any type of movement, enabling students to immediately feel successful, as well as continue their education beyond the class. This approach to movement makes our program an invaluable resource that provides long-term benefits, including a higher level of self-esteem, a deeper knowledge of oneself on all levels, and a stronger, healthier body that moves with confidence and grace.

Certification in Liquid Motion is a 3 ½ day training designed to provide the participant with the tools and opportunity to teach your very own 75-minute Liquid Motion® class. It’s open to anyone who wants to who just want to further their movement education and gain a deeper knowledge of the Liquid Motion® Method, as well as teach Liquid Motion®.

Jeni Janover is the passionate founder and owner of Liquid Motion®. In addition to being an XPERT and ElevatED certified pole instructor, Jeni has an extensive background in performing and visual arts, ranging from Classical ballet to sculpture and graduated at the top of her class in the school of Fine Arts at Syracuse University. She began her pole dancing career in 2010, and was instantly addicted. Jeni created Liquid Motion® because she wanted to develop a methodology for people of all levels and backgrounds that teaches students the fundamentals of movement through basic dance theory and exploration of natural instincts. Jeni has taught her signature workshops all over the United States, Mexico and Canada, and is excited to be able to bring this new 75 Minute liquid Motion class to Body and Pole.

Jeni describes her style of dancing and teaching as a combination of life, love, sex, and raw emotion. She believes that knowledge, exploration, and education are the keys to bringing the aerial arts to the forefront of modern culture and is excited to be a part of the ever growing pole dance community.

Listen and learn about a movement that will be sweeping the country- Liquid Motion.

Check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIEzPqThgJs

Julie Wu, RadRoller.com

Rick gets and education this week from Julie Wu, from RadRoller.com.

RAD mobility and massage tools are designed by experts and for everyone, so we’ve made it our business to make our products high quality, affordable and above all, awesomely effective.

You can even bundle the products and purchase in RAD Kits.

Julie is an instructor with RAD and an expert on each and every product. She explains and can demonstrate how it will help every inch of your body. She is also  a fountain of knowledge as she started her career in the health and sciences field, studying the molecular nature of diabetes in various labs across the US. Finding she wanted to work one-on-one with people (cells in cultures don’t communicate much!), she decided to pursue a 4 year masters degree in Five Element Acupuncture. She now resides in Denver, CO while traveling the world teaching RAD Education.

RAD mobility and massage tools are designed by experts and for everyone, so we’ve made it our business to make our products high quality, affordable and above all, awesomely effective.


Welcome to RadRoller.com
HOME OF THE WORLD’S MOST advanced massage and release tools

Relief in motion is what we’re all about, which means tightness, tension and reduced movement don’t stand a chance against what we bring to the party. There really is something for everyone, so come and get it.

So from the RAD Point Release Kit to the RAD Helix and RAD Rod and more… there is a RAD product that will help you immediately.

RAD products start at just $16. Julie says that whatever RAD product you use, there will be a benefit.

See more at www.radroller.com and thanks to Julie for coming on “Tech of Sports.”

RAD Products

Julie Wu