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DJ Mitchell, Former Major League Pitcher, RockBox Fitness

Rick is joined by former Major League pitcher and owner of the latest RockBox Fitness, DJ Mitchell.

Fitness in Marietta, Ga. will never be the same.

A former college, Minor League and Major League pitcher, DJ has many great stories to share and his unique philosophy when it comes to fitness. DJ worked his way up through the Yankee organization and hold the rare distinction of being traded for a future Hall of Famer when he was part of a trade for Ichiro Suzuki to the Mariners.

When Mitchell moved to Atlanta he wanted to be involved in a business that utilized his athletic background and gave him the chance to make an impact beyond the field of play.

As co-owner of RockBox Fitness with his wife Beth, opened Jan. 10 in the Parkaire Landing Shopping Center in East Cobb, DJ and his staff are teaching boxing-based workouts, in a state of the art fight club meets nightclub environment.

The studios are equipped with high-end sound systems to rock the tunes that keep members pumped and pushing hard. Color-adaptive lighting is also used to cue another level of psychological motivation. When the lights change, so does the intensity.

The RockBox full body workout includes a 50-minute HIIT combination of boxing, kickboxing and functional strength training with kettle bells, battle ropes and sleds. The workouts change every day and circulate through two different boxing stations and 10 iPad kiosks, each with a different functional exercise. Each kiosk is loaded with over 900 different exercises, ensuring variety with every class. During any given workout, you can expect to punch, kick, push, pull, and more and burn up to 1,000 calories.

“RockBox changes lives, and brings together people from all over our city into this community of fitness and fun,” says DJ, “We are on a first name basis here, and on your team to help you achieve your personal goals.”

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