Tony Horton, Fitness Innovator, Founder of Power Life

Rick is joined by Tony Horton this week on “Tech of Sports.”

Fitness Icon and Expert Personal Trainer to Tom Petty, Billy Idol, Bruce Springsteen and Stevie Nicks, Tony Horton, believes that real and lasting change can happen when we commit to health as a lifestyle. Exercise, whole foods, and the right mindset is the formula that leads to a vibrant, productive and full life for anyone who focuses on being the best they can be—and even in his 60s, Horton is proving it’s possible to maintain maximum health at any age. Now, Tony after making a remarkable comeback from an autoimmune disease, Tony is bringing his mission to the world in a new way, with the release of Power Life: workout supplements designed for people who are looking to maintain their health as they get older. With a focus on whole-body health, Power Life tackles digestion from multiple angles, giving muscles well-deserved relief, and supporting whole-body health with every scoop. Featuring a 3-part approach that focuses on a healthy base line, protein and recovery, these products provide the nutrition that 90% of Americans are not getting in their diet. As founder and developer of Power Life, Tony Horton has dedicated his career to helping others reach their full potential, in fitness, and in life.

Now, at 61 years old, he embodies the idea of active aging, and his mission is to shatter the concept that people have to slow down because of their age. Tony Horton is also the creator of P90X2®, P90X3®, and Ten Minute Trainer®, and most recently his 22-Minute military inspired workout, 22 Minute Hard Corps®.

His Foundation Four was created for anyone who wants to be more focused, energized, and present every day. This formula can be especially helpful for those who regularly struggle with digestive discomfort and low energy, since it’s full of digestive-supporters and revitalizing minerals. Simply mix one scoop of Foundation Four into a 4-6 oz glass of water or add it to a morning smoothie. To maximize benefits, you can drink Foundation Four in the morning to take on the day with fewer digestive issues, and more energy.

Rick has a great talk with Tony about all he has going on and as a former trainer of Sean Connery, he might even give us his best Connery impersonation.

Mark Quiroz, Vice President of Marketing, Display Division, Samsung Electronics America

A new stadium for the Los Angeles NFL teams brings a bunch of new technology to sports fans.

Rick talks to Mark Quiroz, Samsung’s Vice President of Marketing, Display Division this week on “Tech of Sports.”

Samsung’s outdoor LED products were exclusively used to build SoFi Stadium’s 70,000 square-foot dual-sided, center-hung videoboard – the first and only 4K end-to-end video production in a stadium. The agreement showcases Samsung’s commitment to enhancing the fan experience at live events through technology.

Beyond SoFi Stadium, Samsung’s LED display technology will be represented throughout Hollywood Park, reaching fans across the development’s residential, office and retail areas and through the Hollywood Park connected mobile app. Samsung mobile users will experience exclusive in-app features, including a dedicated Samsung Members section with benefits including exclusive content, offers and in-stadium discounts.

Samsung was named the Official Mobile, TV and Display partner of Hollywood Park, a 298-acre sports and entertainment destination, inclusive of SoFi Stadium and a 6,000-seat performance venue. Samsung’s outdoor LED products were exclusively used to build SoFi Stadium’s 70,000 square-foot dual-sided, center-hung videoboard. Moreover, the videoboard is the first and only 4K end-to-end video production in a stadium. The agreement showcases Samsung’s commitment to enhancing the fan experience at live events through technology.

To offer fans and guests a consistently dynamic experience, Samsung was excited to work with Hollywood Park to enhance, improve and develop display technology to innovate and improve the guest experience for years to come. This cutting-edge technology will set a new standard for the fan experience, with SoFi Stadium and Hollywood Park representing the future of sports and live entertainment.

“At Samsung, we are so proud of our partnership with Hollywood Park and excited to be a part of what will soon be a crown jewel for the city of Los Angeles,” says Quiroz, Samsung Electronics America. “From the unique use of display technology in the videoboard to the use of outdoor LED displays in the American Airlines Plaza, Samsung technology is changing the way fans experience game day.”

Thanks to Mark for coming on and sharing his insights.

Jordyn Barratt, Skateboarder, US Olympic Hopeful

Rick talks to skateboarder, Jordyn Barratt about the Tokyo Olympics, and how she is training under new restrictions, staying focused and staying sharp! She has a great sponsor along for the ride in Clif Bar.

The 2020 Olympics was set to be the first games to include skateboarding and where 21-year-old Barratt was ready to fulfill a lifelong dream. She competed in her first professional competition in 2017 and was the first woman to compete in the extreme sports circuit. But while disappointed about the delay of the games due to the pandemic Jordyn, like other Americans is taking this time to improve her energy and focus on the 2021 games.

According to a new survey, 89% of Americans say it has been hard to focus this year. With the extra stress, close to half (47%) of Americans report having less energy than usual in the past few months. Because of the events in 2020, 64% of Americans say they will be taking new or greater action in their own mental and physical health. Clif can help you stay on course and stay focused.

Jordyn discusses how she is training for the 2021 Olympics, the addition of skateboarding to the games, provide inspiration tips to young women skateboarders, and share how she keeps her energy and focus during this unprecedented time.

Matt Hassett, CEO and Founder of Loftie

Rick has an interesting talk with Matt Hassett, CEO and founder of Loftie, this week. Matt and his team are releasing the Loftie Alarm Clock.

Yes, an alarm clock is still relevant in this age of smartphones and tablets.

Matt is the founder and CEO of Loftie, a New York based company dedicated to creating better tech-life balance for people everywhere. Matt began working on the project that eventually became Loftie at the design firm IDEO where he was an Entrepreneur in Residence. Before founding Loftie, Matt worked in communications, policy, and program design at the Center for NYC Neighborhoods, Morgan Stanley’s Global Sustainable Finance group, and the City of New York. Matt is a graduate of Brown University and the Harvard Kennedy School.

Loftie is a recently launched wellness company that has revolutionized the outdated alarm clock and created a sleep/wake system based on science that decreases screen time, giving you a healthier tech life balance and ultimately overall improved mental health. The founding team at Loftie are leading a movement to take back the bedroom with a smart device that doesn’t depend on a smartphone.

The Loftie Alarm Clock

Unlike other alarm clocks or sleep devices, Loftie doesn’t need a smartphone to operate so it won’t connect to email, apps or social media, therefore removing the anxiety those apps bring along. That’s one step in the tech life balance, but Loftie offers so much more. Matt and his team have gone through rounds of IDEO method testing gathering information on people’s nighttime routine and sleep habits. Based on their findings they were able to determine what is missing in other alarm clocks and build Loftie to match customer desires. Features like a dimmable display, nightlight, two-phase alarm, and custom content playable right on the device, including guided meditations, sound baths, breathwork exercises, sleep playlists, plus a variety of relaxing sounds, all of which are built into the Loftie Alarm Clock.

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Chris Madden, Co-Founder of Matchnode

Rick talks with Chris Madden of Matchnode this week on “Tech of Sports.”

Sports and paid social media go together like peanut butter and jelly.

But it’s a tricky mix.

Matchnode is a digital marketing agency that specializes in paid social advertising. Through his agency Chris has worked on digital ad campaigns for Chicago sports franchises like the Bulls and Blackhawks, helping drive their digital strategy and increase ticket and merchandise sales.

Chris is always a wealth of insight on all things social media marketing, but throughout his recent marketing work for the Bulls he’s become a true force of knowledge on the future of digital strategy in sports (and he’s set on paving the new digital way forward for pro sports franchises.)

Chris has appeared on shows like Business Innovators Radio and Hollywood Branded where he voiced his expertise on social media ad campaigns and improving digital strategy. He’s a personable guy a big sports fan and gives his take on the current situation in sports during a pandemic.

Madden is Co-Founder of Matchnode, which specializes in paid social to drive revenue for brands via strategy, traffic, and optimization. Clients include the Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks, Indiana University, and LendingTree. A seasoned entrepreneur and sales executive with a deep knowledge of digital marketing as it relates to sports.

Great to talk with Chris and hope to catch up with him soon.


Taylor Blotske, US Navy Officer Candidate Live from Officer Training School

Intriguing this week as Rick talks with US Navy Officer Candidate, Taylor Blotske, from Officer Training School in Newport, Rhode Island. Taylor is in the middle of this 13-week training school. He and Rick talk about what training school is like, where he wants to be in 5 years and some of the tech he uses.

Blotske, a Stockbridge, GA native and 2015 graduate of Woodland High School is hoping to launch off the flight deck of an aircraft carrier as a Naval Aviator. A true American patriot, Blotske joined the Navy for three short and simple reason, “to join an amazing community, see the world and serve my country.”

Officer Candidate School, located in Newport, Rhode Island is a grueling 13 week long program that will put Blotske and her classmates to the test morally, mentally, and physically. If she passes and graduates with his class at the end of September, she’ll be commissioned as an Ensign and join the ranks of our Navy’s leadership.

Young men and women like this Officer Candidate deserve to be recognized in their community for the service and sacrifice they are providing to our Navy and our Nation.