Antonia Townsend is the Founder, CEO of [ENCLOSED]

Rick is joined by Antonia Townsend this week. She is the Founder, CEO and “Chief Knicker Officer” of [ENCLOSED] — the first and only lingerie gift-giving service specifically designed to empower men to create high-end, romantic gift experiences for the women they love.

Since launching in 2013, the San Francisco-based e-commerce lingerie subscription company has generated multimillion-dollars in revenue while servicing 30,000 customers in 20 countries.

Townsend launched [ENCLOSED] after watching her friends struggle with romantic gift giving and seeing an underserved niche just below Agent Provocateur but considerably higher than Victoria’s Secret. Heck big tough guys and even professional athletes need help with these type of purchases.

[ENCLOSED] offers a monthly, three, six or 12-month subscription of lingerie deliveries with the ability to cancel at any time. Prices range from $55 to $1,300. [ENCLOSED] gets the fit right 98% of the time and offers a no-hassle fit guarantee.

Prior to launching [ENCLOSED], Townsend spent nearly 25 years working as a CEO, CMO and c-suite executive for companies including Clear and She earned her BA from Wesleyan University and her MBA from Columbia University. She resides in San Francisco with her husband and baby.

Here is how it works:

· Personal Service: [ENCLOSED] experts work with gift-givers and hand-select a personalized gift for each recipient.

· Luxury Products: Sourced from the finest luxury designers worldwide, just below Agent Provocateur but considerably higher than department stores.

· Flexible Subscriptions: Gift-givers can select a monthly gift or choose a three, six or 12-month plan with the ability to cancel at any time. Let her anticipate what’s coming next month and be a hero all year long.

· Pricing and Fit Guarantee: Prices range from $55 to $1,300. They get the fit right 98% of the time on the first try and offer a no-hassle fit guarantee.

Give [ENCLOSED] a try and thanks to Antonia.

Saoud Khalifah, CEO of

Do you read Amazon product reviews before purchasing?

If so, I’ve got the website for you.

Rick is joined this week, by Saoud Khalifah of to help you with your holiday shopping for sports items and more. is the new fake review detection service for online shoppers. Did you know that in certain sections of Amazon, up to 70% of reviews are fake? Companies constantly plant positive reviews of their own products and sully competitors’ products with negative reviews. That’s why smart shoppers use Fakespot to protect themselves from untrustworthy reviews.

Imagine you’re buying one of this year’s top tech gifts: Apple Airpods.

The Real Deal: The authentic Apple Airpods get a great review on Amazon and they should. Fakespot gives Apple Airpod reviews an A Grade, with over 90% reliable reviews. Unfortunately, the $145 price point might be too expensive.

$15 Knock-Offs: Many Amazon shoppers will look for a cheaper option and end up getting ripped off by lesser quality products with tons of fake reviews. This knock-off wireless earbud set looks just like Apple’s, but none of the reviews are verified and received an F Grade as a result.

Great Alternative: Want the quality of Apple Airpods for less than half the price? These ZeroFire earbuds go for $45 and you can trust the 4-star review it received on Amazon. We gave the reviews an A Grade for reliability.

Online shopping platforms like Amazon are full of unreliable reviews. Companies constantly plant positive reviews of their own products and sully competitors’ products with negative reviews. I’d love to show you how Fakespot can help consumers make better purchase decisions.

Saoud and Rick dig deep into the issues face by shoppers when they are presented with online reviews.

Have a listen and learn!

Aly Teich from Sleep Club and The Sweat Life

If good sleep is something you want for the holidays, Rick is joined by Sleep Club’s Aly Teich to talk about some products that can provide you with a better night’s sleep.

Following a ten-year career in media and marketing — Late Show with David Letterman, Conde Nast, and others — Aly Teich switched her focus to health and wellness in 2013 after her mother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. That autumn, she founded The Sweat Life, a web-based community that focuses, as Aly says, “on helping you live your best life — because there is no best of anything unless it is BEST FOR YOU.” Combining professional experience with personal passion, Aly fulfills her desire to help others live healthier lifestyles while changing the conversation around health and wellness in the media.

After listening to Rick and Aly, you might want to consider product offerings from Sleep Club, a new online destination that is at the intersection where healthy sleep fuels an inspired awake life. Sleep Club has curated an incredible line of products perfect for gift giving.

The holiday season can be a stressful time with all of the traveling, cooking, shopping, and baking. To help your loved ones and friends gain the sleep and relaxation they deserve this holiday season, please find a soothing assortment of products that will be sure to keep them relaxed before and after the holidays and ready to tackle the New Year, including the Novella Sleep Perfume, Bath Tea and Bath Bomb, all packed up in the the Sleep Weekender Bag from the Sleep Club Collection.

See more here:


Randy Donley, Co-Owner of Donley Auctions

A pleasure to be joined by Randy Donley of Donley Auctions on “Tech of Sports.”

Donley Auctions is one of the largest and most unique auction retailers in the industry. In fact, they procure everything from Elvis Pinball Machines, to Sports Items, to Military Land Rovers, to Space Patrol Rides, to museum relics, and even Meteorites (yes from space).

Randy is a wealth of information on the auction process, auction items and the entire industry.

Check out Donley Auctions for their latest auctions.

Randy Donley

Owner/Auctioneer/Antique Appraiser

• Co-owner of Donley Auctions and liaison between consignors and buyers
• 40+ years experience as a collector and dealer of antique phonographs and music boxes.
• Co-owner of the Wild West Town, a family owned attraction with one of the best
phonograph collections in the nation (certified by the Thomas Edison Institute).
• Charter member of Early Talking Machine of America
• Founder of world’s largest antique phonograph event held annually since 1975 in Union,
IL (Antique Phonograph & Music Box Show).

Randy offers tips to help consumers find unique gifts that are sometimes off the beaten path!

Have a listen to Rick and Randy!

Randy Donley

Warren Modlin for EYEKING, Under Armour Eyewear

Rick talks to the “Good eye doctor” this week on “Tech of Sports”

Warren Modlin joins Rick to talk sports eyewear.

Warren is a trained optometrist with 25 years of optical industry experience. He started his career as an optometrist in South Africa before moving to Canada in ’93 where he joined CIBA VISION (Now Alcon). He held various positions in technical consulting, sales support, product management and marketing over a successful 13-year corporate career, before leaving to start his own independent marketing and strategy consulting company focused on innovations within the Medical Device Industry and Optometric practice management. Warren joined Oakley in 2010 and worked for 8 years in eyewear product development, leaving as VP of Eyewear product development and strategy to Work with EYEKING (Under Armour licensee for eyewear) as EVP Product and Marketing Strategy.

Under Armour eyewear is setting the standard. It’s a favorite of elite athletes and those want to look and perform their best!

Under Armour Tuned Recovery Model:

First ever sunglass developed to deal with outdoor blue light
Blocks harmful blue light
Filters in helpful blue light
Positive effects on health and well being (chromotherapy)
Reduces heart rate and blood pressure
Returns eyes to natural circadian rhythm
Positive effect on mood (delivers positive and calm thoughts)
Recommend to be worn right after outdoor / athletic performance
Perfect complement to Under Armour’s Tuned Sport line of lenses (golf, baseball, run and fishing)
Price range: $110 – $125

Makes a great holiday gift for yourself or someone demanding the best! Have a listen to Rick and Warren.

Annalisa Parent, Writing Coach, Author, and Entrepreneur

Coach: (noun) –  one who instructs or trains; especially one who instructs people in the fundamentals of a sport or activity and directs strategy

Everyone knows someone who would like to write a book someday. Some people may want to write a novel, while entrepreneurs may want to write a book on their area of expertise, still others may be ready to take their writing career to the next level. Many people have one or more ideas floating around in their head and dream of getting them down on paper and into print, yet they may not know the first thing about where to start or how to make it happen.Some people might need a coach.

Annalisa Parent helps make all of that happen and she joins Rick this week on “Tech of Sports.”

Having taught over 100 writing courses, Annalisa Parent has reached countless writers around the world. She offers coaching writing services that have been instrumental in helping writers to go from idea to publishable piece and have the confidence to take their work to the market. She is also the chief executive officer of Laurel Elite Books. For more information on her services, visit her site at: and To learn more about her book, visit website at:

Like in sports, working with a writing coach is more than someone just telling you how to do something or get the words from your head onto the paper. There are a variety of ways that a writing coach works with the writer in order to help him or her in the most needed areas.

Rick and Annalisa have both written books and they discuss. If you know of someone writing a book or should be writing one, you can hire Annalisa as your writing coach!

Enjoy this episode.