Jack Oswald, Founder of Cancha Bags

Rick is joined by Jack Oswald of Cancha Bags this week.

After nearly a decade of traveling the world on the men’s pro tennis circuit, Oswald grew tired of experiencing the downfalls of traditional tennis bags: broken zips, loose stitching, uncomfortable straps and a ‘one-size fits all’ mentality that let him and others down time and time again.

With a creative idea and entrepreneurial spirit, Oswald set out to create a uniquely adaptable, highly durable and customizable tennis and sports bag that could be used not only for avid and competitive tennis players but also for the outdoor adventurer.

The result of Jack’s labor of love, inspired by deep frustration? The Cancha Racquet Bag holds up to four racquets and was designed using a unique modular attachment system. Cancha, appropriately, means ‘court’ in Spanish but Jack adds, “Cancha also translates into activity and is an action word used to describe a go-getter. That’s the type of adjective that fits perfectly with the Cancha brand.”

“I wondered why no brands out there came up with a durable racquet bag that would see you through at least a whole season,” said Jack, 26, a resident of Great Britain. “I imagined a bag which, through its uniquely adaptable and customizable design, would be totally personal to each user and act as the perfect tool to help them achieve their goals.”

The design of the Cancha bag is unique for another reason; there are no large logos placed on the bag. “People can tell our bags from a mile away,” said Jack. “The design speaks for itself and we keep the logos to a minimum.”

Features of the Cancha bag include:

§ Durable and flexible material giving maximum protection from the elements;

§ Accessory pockets for those little but important items;

§ Removable shoulder straps;

§ Lightweight, making it easy for juniors and adults alike;

§ Modular system for maximum adaptability;

§ Wet-dry bag accessory for soiled shirts and shorts;

Born in Virginia, Jack spent 14 years in the United States and competed in national and international tournaments as a junior before his family moved to Europe. Fluent in three languages (French, Spanish and English), he holds a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of Stirling (2021) and has also spent time as a hitting partner to ATP pros like Kyle Edmund and Aljaz Bedene.

“I am very interested in the lives of those grinding it out on the lower levels of the pro circuit,” Jack says. “My days traveling to the $10,000 Futures-level tournaments helped me learn what a player really needs from a great tennis bag.”

To shop all Cancha products, go to: https://canchabags.com/collections/all. For more information, visit: https://canchabags.com.


Sara Colletti, from the LIFTSWEAT Method

Happy holidays and that means eating and maybe missing some of your regular workouts.

Sara Colletti, from the LIFTSWEAT Method is on ‘Tech of Sports’ this week to help.

Hear Sara on quick fitness hacks and coming up with creative ways to add more movement into your day, no matter how much time you have including:
Exercises to practice in between Zoom meetings

How to avoid overeating when working from home

Tricks on how to sneak movement into your workday

The LIFTSWEAT Method hosts a free Breath & Abs community class on Tuesdays at 12:30pm. A quick 30 minutes to regroup and de-stress during a busy work week.

Sara Colletti from the LIFTSWEAT Method shares her knowledge of pre/postnatal fitness. “This is the most exciting time in a new mama’s life! From safely enduring labor to new mommy activities, I am here to help train proper body mechanics for all of your new movement patterns. From placing a baby in a crib with a perfect hinge, to making bath time less stressful on your body. Also great for dads and grandparents!!”. She can expand on:
Importance of pelvic floor recruitment when training for your pregnancy.

How to activate your core in your 2nd and 3rd trimester
How to practice interval training specific to birth prep
How to modify during your group fitness class for different stages of pregnancy




Instagram @lift.sweat

Sara Colletti has been helping clients change their mindset, love their bodies and practice progressive movement since 2013. In 2012 Sara started her fitness career at Focus Integrative Fitness where she studied Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Bioenergetics, as well as the tools to become a successful Personal Trainer. This amazing experience introduced her to her first position as a fitness professional at Equinox in Roslyn, NY. After a short year of moving up the tier system, Sara was needed to help her grandfather on the East End of Long Island. This was the hardest yet most rewarding decision she had ever made. By 2016 she created her first company, Hamptons Wellness on Wheels, an in-home Personal Training company that is thriving to this day. Her next venture was creating the LIFTSWEAT Method with co-owner Ross Youmans, an online platform where they share their method on movement and progressive exercise. Sara specializes in pre/postnatal training, group fitness and functional movement.

Jay Leonard, Complex General Manager at Wyndham Garden Lake Buena Vista Disney Springs

Sports and leisure travel and more with longtime hotel GM, Jay Leonard.

Jay is the Complex General Manager at the Wyndham Garden Lake Buena Vista Disney Springs Resort. A unique and fantastic property.

He is a great guest, has done it all in the hospitality industry, a big sports fan and “gets it” when it comes to what guests want when they travel.

Immerse yourself in fantasy, fun, and family-friendly adventure at our Wyndham Garden Lake Buena Vista Disney Springs™ Resort Area hotel. With amenities that include extensive leisure facilities, several restaurants, and conference rooms, everything you need for an amazing vacation is readily available, while our modern, spacious guest rooms offer a great place to rest after a day of magical exploration. This is the closest resort to Disney Springs and you’ll have a great stay!

Is travel coming back? The steps that Jay and his staff are taking? Why it’s great to be so close to Disney?

Rick and Jay have a lot to discuss and a fun interview!

Former NBA Great Baron Davis and Amanda Brinkman, Small Business Revolution: Season 6

The award-winning, Emmy-nominated Small Business Revolution is back! For the past five years, Deluxe has helped revitalize small businesses in communities across the US, including Fredonia, NY, Alton, Illinois and Searcy, AR. Lucky small businesses were selected to receive business, marketing, operational, technical and sometimes financial guidance to take them to the next level. In Season 6, the show applies lessons learned over the last five seasons to six Black-owned small businesses in communities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota.

As with previous seasons, hosts Amanda Brinkman and newcomer, former-NBA star and entrepreneur Baron Davis will provide business tools and advice to business owners who will share their journeys in their own words. What the business owners learn through this process and what we learn as viewers can help entrepreneurs and business owners across the country grow and thrive.


-Advice to small business owners continuing to adapt during this challenging year

-Practical tips and business techniques to give small businesses a competitive edge

-Why the Small Business revelation has changed so many lives in six seasons

-Advice for those looking to start their own small business

-Why focus on the Twin Cities and Black-owned businesses this season?

Baron Davis is a former NBA All-Star turned entrepreneur, acting as an early investor in promising companies like Vitaminwater and Thrive Market, which he helped launch.

As a business owner himself, Baron has founded several companies, one of which is Business Inside the Game (B.I.G.), a management services organization that focuses on Black and minority founders, whose mission is to close the wealth gap while creating the next generation of leaders. He’s also founded Sports and Lifestyle in Culture (SLiC), No Label, and The Black Santa Company, whose mission is to celebrate diversity in storytelling. Baron, who has served as the producer of several acclaimed documentaries in the past, joined Season 6 of the Small Business Revolution to help further his efforts in empowering black business owners.

Amanda Brinkman is the chief brand and communications officer of Deluxe Corp. She created, executive produces, and stars in the Small Business Revolution series. Brinkman has a wealth of career experience in marketing, advertising, brand management, and interactive content. She also serves in many nonprofit roles, including vice chairman of the Children’s Cancer Research Fund Board of Directors and a member of the Make-A-Wish Foundation Board.

Great to have Baron and Amanda join Rick this week.

Tiffany Taylor, Schedule Optimization, Time Management

Great to be joined by Tiffany Taylor this week. She’s a productivity and time management coach.

There used to be a time when working more hours yielded more income, but there will always be a cap on time, as you’re seeing. The key is to scale results without scaling stress and workload. We all want to get more done in less time, but your scheduling and prioritization skills alone will determine your level of success.

How did we end up here? Productivity in the Industrial Age was all about getting more done in less time, but when the internet came around, the traditional school of Time Management taught humans methods that were fit for computers. That led to blaming individuals for lacking motivation and discipline when they couldn’t keep up. (Ouch!) This really applies to those of us in sports.

Today we’ve finally made it to the Knowledge Age where Entrepreneurship & Management are being introduced to Single Tasking, Flow State and Deep Focus. While times are changing, much of our programming for Productivity is archaic and unfit for life in today’s fast-paced world.

Hustle Culture pushes phrases like #TeamNoSleep and #WorkHardPlayHard and it’s no wonder hard working Americans are left scrambling for therapists & psychiatric medications to stabilize their sanity.

Your Transformation…

Imagine waking up every single morning full of energy, without an alarm clock. Your mind is still and you go about your schedule without a scattered mind spewing thoughts at you in every direction. Your morning routine is optimized not based on the most recent book you read, but based on your biological needs to optimize your brain function. As you sip on fresh mineral water, you reflect on the days that sleep used to be a luxury and realize that you’ve finally reached a place where you can sleep, exercise & get proper nutrition without feeling guilty for not working during that time. You’re mentally strong and prepared for a high-caliber day where you have all the time you need to complete a day’s work.

Tiffany is here to help and explain.

Les Peek, Peek’ Size Football Guide, 81st Year

In 1928, when Earnest Wilburn Peek began publishing the football guides of Franklin, Tennessee High School and Battle Ground Academy, he never dreamed that he was embarking on a life-long vocation. Nor did he anticipate in 1939 that his early printing efforts would evolve into the now famous PEEK’SIZE FOOTBALL GUIDE, that has been published in 28 states, (including Hawaii) with circulation numbers that swelled to more than 600,000 annually.

Rick talks with Earnest’s son, Les Peek this week. In it’s 81st year, it’s still being published today. Even with the internet and everyone carrying smartphones, the Peek’ Size is still relevant. Whether it be nostalgia or collectors. Great to talk with Les.

To contact – email: peekpublications@gmail.com


Archived stock available of select back issues of the Peek’Size Football Guide.

Years Available 1947-2019 | Limited number available of 1944-1948