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Kim Glass, Olympian, All American Talks Volleyball and Halo Sport 2

Rick is joined by 2008 Olympic Volleyball Silver Medalist, Kim Glass, this week.

Kim was an All-American and four-time All-Pac-10 pick, is Arizona’s career leader in kills with 2,151 and ranks third all-time in the Pac-10 in the same category. She averaged 5.27 kills, 2.84 digs, 0.70 blocks and 0.40 aces per game for the Wildcats. For her career, Glass had double-digit kills in 105 of her 115 matches played, along with 20 or more kills 54 times en route to a school-record 5.27 kills per game average. She holds the Arizona school record with 162 aces, and is third in career digs with 1,158. Glass provided 77 block solos, which ranks eighth all-time for the Wildcats

Played professionally for almost 10 years.

Member 2008 Beijing Olympics, Team USA Indoor Volleyball team, helping the US to a silver medal.

Kim is a personal trainer, a model and works with sports tech companies.

One of the companies Kim represents is Halo Sport.

The Neuropriming headset that integrates seamlessly into your workout.

Halo Sport 2 headphones is tech that delivers an electrical current to the motor center of your brain.

The idea is to use this device for 20 minutes before an activity to create a state of ‘hyper-learning’ by neuropriming.

The headphones themselves feel well-built and have a firm hold on the head, making it easy to get the fit you want. This is important, as the companion app from Halo needs to confirm it’s making clear contact with your head before the process can begin.

“That process is unlike anything we’ve felt before. The second you start, and the app tells you that it’s ‘ramping up’, you’ll begin to feel a tingling in the skull where the electrodes… sorry, primers are.”

The audio quality in vocals is pretty good – and you can remove the primer spikes to make wearing the headphones more comfortable day to day.

The idea is an interesting one, unlocking something as simple as firing an electrical current into the brain to improve performance. It’s called transcranial direct current stimulation (TCDS), which is just as described above – the idea of stimulating the brain to achieve a heightened state of learning.

Great to have Kim on to explain more. Enjoy!


Chris Caso, Personal Trainer on Getting Ready for a 10K

Rick is joined by personal trainer, Chris Caso, this week on Tech of Sports. Caso, a certified personal trainer at OneLife Fitness Atlanta is here to provide a wealth of valuable tips for those who are training for Peachtree (or any other race, for that matter).

Chris is here to help and talks with Rick about:

How does one start training for a 10k?
What is the first thing you should do when you go out for a run?
What are some tips for someone to stay healthy over the next 12 weeks leading up to Peachtree?
What are some exercises that can be added to a workout routine to make someone a better runner?

Tens of thousands of Georgians are scrambling to get in shape for the biggest 10k in the United States, many will be doing so without a plan, which could lead to discouragement, or worse, injury.

About Chris Caso:

NSCA-CSCS certified strength and conditioning coach

USA Weightlifting Level Sports Performance Coach

West Virginia Undergrad- Track scholarship

Masters in Sports Health Science from Life University

Strength Coach jobs at Georgia State U. Football. Rugby and track Strength Coach at Life U.

Personal Trainerat OneLife Fitness-Crabapple.

Chris Caso