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Dean Karnazes, Ultramarathoner, Author

Endurance runner Dean Karnazes has released his latest book, A Runner’s High: My Life in Motion, on HarperOne. Throughout the pandemic, millions of people have turned to running for an array of both life-enhancing and pivotal reasons: better physical health, mental health, and for a sense of freedom and clarity. Karnazes leads the way with his unparalleled perseverance pushing the limits of one’s own body and mind while accomplishing such feats as running 135-miles nonstop across Death Valley, running a marathon to the South Pole, and running 50 marathons, in all 50 states, in 50 consecutive days.

It’s a great read.

He talks about that and a lot more this week with Rick.

Chris Caso, Personal Trainer on Getting Ready for a 10K

Rick is joined by personal trainer, Chris Caso, this week on Tech of Sports. Caso, a certified personal trainer at OneLife Fitness Atlanta is here to provide a wealth of valuable tips for those who are training for Peachtree (or any other race, for that matter).

Chris is here to help and talks with Rick about:

How does one start training for a 10k?
What is the first thing you should do when you go out for a run?
What are some tips for someone to stay healthy over the next 12 weeks leading up to Peachtree?
What are some exercises that can be added to a workout routine to make someone a better runner?

Tens of thousands of Georgians are scrambling to get in shape for the biggest 10k in the United States, many will be doing so without a plan, which could lead to discouragement, or worse, injury.

About Chris Caso:

NSCA-CSCS certified strength and conditioning coach

USA Weightlifting Level Sports Performance Coach

West Virginia Undergrad- Track scholarship

Masters in Sports Health Science from Life University

Strength Coach jobs at Georgia State U. Football. Rugby and track Strength Coach at Life U.

Personal Trainerat OneLife Fitness-Crabapple.

Chris Caso