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Jed Corenthal, CMO of Phenix talking Streaming

Phenix is a real-time streaming tech provider who has worked with major sporting events and organizations around the world to stream their events with sub-half a second latency. Jed Corenthal elaborates on how ultra-low latency allows for exciting interactive features and personalization options like augmented reality with instant data overlays, real-time stats, and multi-angle viewing so fans can choose exactly how they want to watch the game. Additionally, with real-time streams, there are endless opportunities for micro-betting and sports betting at large with longer betting windows even on fast-paced sports.

More importantly, he discusses the state of sports streaming today and the need to implement stronger tech to avoid frustrating delays, buffering, and cutting out on streams that consumers pay too much for.

A great interview with Jed.

Nick Rolnick , World Class Performance Trainer

Rick is joined by Nick Rolnick this week.

Rolnick (@thehpm), “The Human Performance Mechanic,” (thehpmny.com) an authority on blood flow restriction, performance enhancement specialist, and physical therapist. Nick’s sole goal is to help people get back to the activities they love as quickly as possible so they can experience the joy of pain free movement.

Rolnick is a product of Scarsdale, High School in Westchester (County) New York, He starred in baseball as captain on his college team at Franklin & Marshall. He has an M.S. in Health Promotion Management from American University, and earned his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Columbia University with honors, realizing his love for fitness and passion to help others. “This is so rewarding, helping others with fitness and rehab. I wouldn’t change where I’m at.”

This was a great talk with Nick.

Rachel Pearcy, CFO of WNBA’s Dallas Wings

She built on the organization’s winning 2021 season and playoff appearance, key player re-signings, and increased global exposure for the organization, leading the charge to streamline key financial operations using integrated software – a critical element to the team’s success. Her approach offers a recipe for success.

Rick is joined by Rachel Pearcy, this week on ‘Tech of Sports.” Rachel is the CFO of the Dallas Wings of the WNBA.

An advocate for community, having made a move to the sports industry two years ago, Rachel is passionate about building a solid foundation to enable her to focus on relationships to drive the organization forward and help ensure success both on and off the court.

The WNBA is hot! She talks about that and a lot more.

Jotham S. Stein, ‘Negotiate Like a CEO’

Rick is joined by author and lawyer, Jotham S. Stein this week.

What does it mean to negotiate like a CEO? How important are employment agreements? How can you learn to protect yourself and your family if the worst does happen? These are all questions that Jotham S. Stein addresses in his book Negotiate Like a CEO, with the goal of equipping individuals with the tools they need to safeguard themselves in business and employment.

A lively, engaging read, Negotiate Like a CEO outlines how employees, executives, and entrepreneurs have protected themselves in the past, and gives readers eye-opening advice on how to make sure they won’t get taken advantage of. The book describes best practices, common pitfalls, and sky’s-the-limit possibilities at any career stage, whether you’re just out of college or you’re gunning for that C-suite job.

This book isn’t just for top executives but is for anyone at any stage of their career. It’s never too early or too late to start learning what to look out for, how to negotiate a better deal, and, most importantly, how to protect yourself.

“It is imperative to protect yourself in business and employment,” says Stein. “It’s essential to understand the dynamics at play in any work situation and how best to use them to protect yourself, your family, and your friends.”

Stein is the principal of the Law Offices of Jotham S. Stein P.C. He has more than two decades of experience representing entrepreneurs and C-Suite executives, board members, venture capitalists, private equity principals, and investment bankers as well as less senior employees of all size companies.

He is a graduate of Stanford Law School and Princeton University. He is admitted to practice in California, Illinois, New York, Colorado, and the District of Columbia as well as the United States Supreme Court, and several United States Courts of Appeals and United States District Courts. He is also a member of multiple bar associations, including the American Bar Association.

Stein is the author of Executive Employment Law: Protecting Executives, Entrepreneurs and Employees, a how-to guide for practitioners.

DJ Mitchell, Former Major League Pitcher, RockBox Fitness

Rick is joined by former Major League pitcher and owner of the latest RockBox Fitness, DJ Mitchell.

Fitness in Marietta, Ga. will never be the same.

A former college, Minor League and Major League pitcher, DJ has many great stories to share and his unique philosophy when it comes to fitness. DJ worked his way up through the Yankee organization and hold the rare distinction of being traded for a future Hall of Famer when he was part of a trade for Ichiro Suzuki to the Mariners.

When Mitchell moved to Atlanta he wanted to be involved in a business that utilized his athletic background and gave him the chance to make an impact beyond the field of play.

As co-owner of RockBox Fitness with his wife Beth, opened Jan. 10 in the Parkaire Landing Shopping Center in East Cobb, DJ and his staff are teaching boxing-based workouts, in a state of the art fight club meets nightclub environment.

The studios are equipped with high-end sound systems to rock the tunes that keep members pumped and pushing hard. Color-adaptive lighting is also used to cue another level of psychological motivation. When the lights change, so does the intensity.

The RockBox full body workout includes a 50-minute HIIT combination of boxing, kickboxing and functional strength training with kettle bells, battle ropes and sleds. The workouts change every day and circulate through two different boxing stations and 10 iPad kiosks, each with a different functional exercise. Each kiosk is loaded with over 900 different exercises, ensuring variety with every class. During any given workout, you can expect to punch, kick, push, pull, and more and burn up to 1,000 calories.

“RockBox changes lives, and brings together people from all over our city into this community of fitness and fun,” says DJ, “We are on a first name basis here, and on your team to help you achieve your personal goals.”

Listen and hear more from DJ and Rick!

Holly Sonders, Golf Personality, Model, Social Media

Rick is joined this week on “Tech of Sports” by former Golf Channel and FOX Sports broadcaster, Holly Sonders. Her story is an incredible one, rising to fame through golf broadcasting and becoming one of the first “womenpreneurs” in the Sports and modeling world through social media.

Holly is candid and insightful as the former college golfer talks about NIL deals, how she is using social media as a female entrepreneur creating a multi-million dollar business online. Her new love interest with Celebrity Boxer Oscar de la Hoya and how she helped him when he had COVID and was hospitalized a few months ago.

She’s in the tech space as her new NFT just dropped is already priced at over $10k, which includes exclusive access to the NFT community and never before released photos.

That and some great Golf Channel stories. It’s great to catch up with Holly.