Andrew Corkill, Vice President, Global Marketing and eCommerce at Targus

Rick talks about Targus with Andrew Corkill this week. Targus with a bunch of new products coming off CES.

Targus EcoSmart Backpacks and other sustainable products that travel well for the sports-minded consumer, and how Targus utilizes recycled plastic, some from the Oceans!

At this year’s show, the industry leader in laptop cases and mobile computing accessories, is celebrating their 40th anniversary with the launch of several new products, including those recognized as a CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree, designed to help empower a seamless life and a sustainable future.

Targus will unveil new products under the EcoSmart line, including:

· extended collection of EcoSmart tech accessories

includes three new EcoSmart keyboards)
· Backpack made from Ocean bound plastic

+new Zero Waste Backpacks
· Women’s Collection of laptop cases in various silhouettes

· Laptop bags made for Dell and Lenovo

including a lineup of gaming backpacks

· Plus, the Award-winning MiraLogic Workspace Intelligence System