Tony Verutti, CEO of Betterguards

Rick talks ankles this week with Tony Verutti, CEO of Betterguards.

Founded in 2014, Betterguards is a next-generation sports technology company led by CEO Tony Verutti. As CEO, Verutti brings both extensive experience in leading international operations, business development, and global licensing, with a dedicated commitment to sustainability. He spent the first decade of his career in management consulting working with high-tech firms throughout Silicon Valley before earning his International MBA from SDA Bocconi in Milan, Italy. His vision and leadership will be instrumental in overseeing all business functions across Europe and the U.S. while establishing the Betterguards technology as an essential ingredient in sports performance and injury prevention.

How does The BetterGuard work?

Betterguards intelligent ankle brace technology protects from common ankle injuries without sacrificing freedom of movement. During normal activity, The BetterGuard offers a full range of motion. In the event of sudden twisting or rolling, the mini piston activates to stabilize the ankle, allowing your body time to react before a serious injury can occur.

When do I use The BetterGuard?

The BetterGuard ankle brace is ideally suited for those who want to protect their ankles from common and frequent ankle injuries. Those who are at high risk of ankle turning or rolling during sports, work, or other everyday activities can benefit from the responsive ankle bracing technology.

The BetterGuard ankle brace can also be used in the rehabilitation process after an ankle injury to prevent further injuring the ankle. It’s important to consult your doctor or healthcare provider during the rehabilitation process to find out if the BetterGuard is right for you.

Tony talks with Rick about all of that and more.