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Brian Teacher, Former Top-10 Player, Noted Coach and Full Court Tennis App

Rick is joined by former World No. 7, Australian Open champ and longtime tennis coach, Brian Teacher.

Have a listen as Brian has a new tennis coaching app.

A groundbreaking new tennis instructional platform may revolutionize the way tennis players learn, and coaches serve athletes. Full Court Tennis, a collaborator of the WTA & ATP Coach Organizations, has launched its new training app, now available through the app store, to all coaches, athletes, and tennis players of all skill levels. The new app allows tennis players to instantly access the worlds’ best coaches for in-app virtual lessons.

Developed by Australian Open Winner, Brian Teacher, with Advisory Board Members John McEnroe, Katrina Adams, and AI scientist Dr. David Fogle, the app provides numerous options for tennis training, including hiring a coach for stroke analysis and a live video consult lesson. Coaches can set their own rates and availability for in-app lessons. Players can also compare their strokes side-by-side to the pros through the app’s stroke library.

“Growing up playing tennis at a public park, I found it challenging to learn the game without access to world-class coaches,” said Teacher, Founder and CEO of Full Court Tennis. “After winning the Australian Open and becoming an ATP and WTA Coach working with Andre Agassi, Greg Rusedski, and other top pros, I was looking for ways to make world-coaching instantly accessible around the globe – even for children who would not otherwise have access to top coaching talent. After many years of work to streamline the experience, we are excited to make this technology available to all coaches and to all levels of tennis players.”

The app offers its users access to a global community with free tips, drills, and analysis on the Full Court Feed where players can follow, learn, and interact with coaches and players.

Established in January of 2017, the WTA Coach Program has been designed to professionalize, standardize, and recognize the important role of coaching on the WTA Tour. The official collaboration between Full Court Tennis, WTA, and ATP Coach Programs looks to bring even more accessible training opportunities to both coaches and players in the future.

The Full Court Tennis App is a free download on the Full Court Tennis website or the App Store.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, Former Cable News Host, UnchainedTV

Rick is joined by former CNN Headline News’ Jane Velez-Mitchell this week to talk about her new venture.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, award-winning TV journalist, New York Times bestselling author and former CNN Headline News anchor, has launched a new streaming network called UnchainedTV. This network is FREE and does not require any emails, subscriptions, or disclosure of personal information to watch. How does she do this, you may ask? It is all done through her non-profit organization, here to expand your mind and transform your lifestyle. This channel offers documentaries, cooking shows, travelogues, talk shows and music videos. It is a portal to a joyous, healthier, more environmentally sustainable, and more compassionate lifestyle. UnchainedTV has just launched the first ever reality show starring a family of pigs called Pig Little Lies.

UnchainedTV Just Surpassed Its Millionth View!

And you can see more here!


Have a listen to Rick and Jane!

Charles Cox, CEO of SwingU

A golf app, that really gives you a chance at improving your game.

Can a golf app really help improve your game? Charles Cox thinks so. Cox is the CEO of SwingU, an app that features real time feedback, information, and even lessons, all designed to help shave strokes off your game. Cox has blended a perfect mix of golf and technology into one of the most downloaded golf apps on the planet.

Cox joins Rick this week on Tech of Sports.

Golfers who download the app will experience:

GPS and scorecard tracking
A monthly lesson that breaks down your statistics
A golf newsletter in your inbox with the latest news
Free lessons from golf instructors
A chance to sign up for instructional videos and drills/lessons from SwingU approved teachers
A chance to sign up for one-on-one coaching
A platform for coaches to create their own branded app to charge (or not charge) anything for instructional videos for current and future clients

Have a listen and see what SwingU can do for you.

Headquartered in Hartford, Connecticut, SwingU is a sports technology and media company focused on golf game improvement. The company owns and operates top-rated smartphone apps across GPS, scorecard, statistics, instruction, social & ball tracing. SwingU Clubhouse publishes an email newsletter reaching hundreds of thousands of golfers daily. Lastly, SwingU Academies develops personalized, branded instruction & training apps for clubs, teachers and academies. For more company information, please visit www.swingu.com.

Ken and Michael Richards of eSportsCards LLC

Rick is joined on this episode by Ken and Michael Richards of eSportsCards LLC.

Sports card collectors now have a new and techy way of organizing their collections with some bonus features thrown in.

eSportsCards, LLC. has created and released the “ScoutingReport” app and it is available on iOS and Android platforms.
⦁ google play –    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ScoutingReport
⦁ app store –    https://apps.apple.com/us/app/scouting-report/id1168035316

First step is downloading the ScoutingReport app.

ScoutingReport allows the user to manage their collection across multiple devices, using common sporting terms:

  • Roster – this is the users entered collection. Through the built in on-demand synchronizing functionality, your collection is backed up to the cloud and can be leveraged across multiple devices.
  • Lineups – just like a coach or manager, Lineups provide the ability to partition and segment your collection into teams, sport, rookie, memorabilia, graded and authenticated, etc. Creating lineups is limited to your imagination.


The ScoutingReport app also offers a “Collector’sArena”, a proprietary peer-to-peer trading/selling, marketplace. Collector’sArena is a 24/7 Card Show with available tables growing with each new member to the community.

Collector’sArena is simple to use:

  • Name your price when you list your cards.
  • No auction to monitor and worry about last second buy out.
  • Transaction fees are based on our in-app ticketing system. Tickets are less than $0.01 per card. For the remainder of 2020, ticketing fees have been waived.
  • All transactions require PayPal for peer-to-peer selling via ‘goods and services’ transactions ensures the transactions, eSportsCards is not a middleman like other buying/selling platforms.
  • Packaging options predetermined by the seller and chosen by the buyer.

How to get started:

ScoutingReport is currently listed for $4.99 in the app stores. Here’s the functionality that is included with the $4.99 download:

  • Create a User profile – without the profile user interaction is limited to viewing items in the Collector’sArena, i.e. Window Shopping.
  • Create, organize, store and backup your collection.
  • Access to buy/sell in the Collector’sArena.
  • Initial 100 tickets.

Two recent updates to the ScoutingReport app:

Child Accounts:
We have implemented a few securities that are offered in the form of ‘Child Accounts’. A Child Account will enable you to set your child up with their own account; however, there are limitations available to that account that you select: how much can they spend on a transaction without authorization from you; they cannot see any materials (think Billy Ripkens’ bat) that are flagged as ‘Adult Only’ when cards are uploaded to the Collector’s Arena marketplace.

Users are not required to utilize existing nomenclature for their card collection. A user can use their own verbiage for card set, card brand or sub set; i.e. green refractor Tom Brady.

Special Deal:

We are hobbyists looking to bring the hobby community back to a central location via the ScoutingReport App and the Collector’sArena. Through the remainder of 2020, we have suspended the ticketing system, only fees are for the PayPal transaction.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact us via email at scoutingreport@escards.com.