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Jane Velez-Mitchell, Former Cable News Host, UnchainedTV

Rick is joined by former CNN Headline News’ Jane Velez-Mitchell this week to talk about her new venture.

Jane Velez-Mitchell, award-winning TV journalist, New York Times bestselling author and former CNN Headline News anchor, has launched a new streaming network called UnchainedTV. This network is FREE and does not require any emails, subscriptions, or disclosure of personal information to watch. How does she do this, you may ask? It is all done through her non-profit organization, here to expand your mind and transform your lifestyle. This channel offers documentaries, cooking shows, travelogues, talk shows and music videos. It is a portal to a joyous, healthier, more environmentally sustainable, and more compassionate lifestyle. UnchainedTV has just launched the first ever reality show starring a family of pigs called Pig Little Lies.

UnchainedTV Just Surpassed Its Millionth View!

And you can see more here!


Have a listen to Rick and Jane!