Warren Modlin for EYEKING, Under Armour Eyewear

Rick talks to the “Good eye doctor” this week on “Tech of Sports”

Warren Modlin joins Rick to talk sports eyewear.

Warren is a trained optometrist with 25 years of optical industry experience. He started his career as an optometrist in South Africa before moving to Canada in ’93 where he joined CIBA VISION (Now Alcon). He held various positions in technical consulting, sales support, product management and marketing over a successful 13-year corporate career, before leaving to start his own independent marketing and strategy consulting company focused on innovations within the Medical Device Industry and Optometric practice management. Warren joined Oakley in 2010 and worked for 8 years in eyewear product development, leaving as VP of Eyewear product development and strategy to Work with EYEKING (Under Armour licensee for eyewear) as EVP Product and Marketing Strategy.

Under Armour eyewear is setting the standard. It’s a favorite of elite athletes and those want to look and perform their best!

Under Armour Tuned Recovery Model:

First ever sunglass developed to deal with outdoor blue light
Blocks harmful blue light
Filters in helpful blue light
Positive effects on health and well being (chromotherapy)
Reduces heart rate and blood pressure
Returns eyes to natural circadian rhythm
Positive effect on mood (delivers positive and calm thoughts)
Recommend to be worn right after outdoor / athletic performance
Perfect complement to Under Armour’s Tuned Sport line of lenses (golf, baseball, run and fishing)
Price range: $110 – $125

Makes a great holiday gift for yourself or someone demanding the best! Have a listen to Rick and Warren.