Annalisa Parent, Writing Coach, Author, and Entrepreneur

Coach: (noun) –  one who instructs or trains; especially one who instructs people in the fundamentals of a sport or activity and directs strategy

Everyone knows someone who would like to write a book someday. Some people may want to write a novel, while entrepreneurs may want to write a book on their area of expertise, still others may be ready to take their writing career to the next level. Many people have one or more ideas floating around in their head and dream of getting them down on paper and into print, yet they may not know the first thing about where to start or how to make it happen.Some people might need a coach.

Annalisa Parent helps make all of that happen and she joins Rick this week on “Tech of Sports.”

Having taught over 100 writing courses, Annalisa Parent has reached countless writers around the world. She offers coaching writing services that have been instrumental in helping writers to go from idea to publishable piece and have the confidence to take their work to the market. She is also the chief executive officer of Laurel Elite Books. For more information on her services, visit her site at: and To learn more about her book, visit website at:

Like in sports, working with a writing coach is more than someone just telling you how to do something or get the words from your head onto the paper. There are a variety of ways that a writing coach works with the writer in order to help him or her in the most needed areas.

Rick and Annalisa have both written books and they discuss. If you know of someone writing a book or should be writing one, you can hire Annalisa as your writing coach!

Enjoy this episode.