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Austin Cohen, CEO, FlexIt

Rick is joined this week by Austin Cohen. Cohen is the CEO of the new flexible fitness and gym membership, FlexIt.

Cohen is a consumer venture capitalist and entrepreneur with broad-based experience in strategy, business development, finance and capital raising across the consumer health and wellness, sports, entertainment and technology verticals. Cohen also has extensive operating experience and has a proven track record of accelerating early stage company growth. He has launched multiple fitness brands such as FlexIt, where he is founder and CEO, Cohen is also a partner, founding team member and first employee at private aviation start-up Wheels Up. Cohen received his MBA from Columbia Business School, Columbia University and received his BA from Columbia College, Columbia University. Cohen is from Roslyn, NY and was Valedictorian of Roslyn High School.

Let’s talk fitness…

Flexit is the ultimate in flexibility when it comes to your gym membership

If there is something more frustrating than getting a gym membership, using it and eventually wanting to cancel it, please let me know.
FlexIt–themobile-based solution that allows users to only pay for the gym time they use–announces the launch of its app, which is available in seven markets. FlexIt gives consumers the freedom to choose where and when they work out, providing them with a personalized fitness experience in which there is no upfront cost and the users only pay for the time they spend in the facility.

The app and platform is live in New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia and Phoenix, with more than a dozen additional markets coming soon. FlexIt’s line-up of partner fitness locations currently includes large national players, such as Retro Fitness and Youfit Health Clubs, as well as large regional players, such as Charter Fitness, among many others.

“We created FlexIt so everyone could have the ability to work out how, when and where they want. We’ve been waiting a long time to bring FlexIt to the world, and it feels great to say that day is finally here,” said Cohen.

Featuring best-in-class technology, FlexIt is more than just an app –the FlexIt integrated technology system includes advanced check-in/check-out technology and tools for searching and filtering amenities so that users can tailor their fitness experience in a highly personalized manner.

See more about FlexIt here.

Thanks to Austin and enjoy this episode.