Stacey Nemour, Flexible Fitness and Getting Flexible

This week’s guest is Stacey Nemour, the most renowned flexibility master in her field. She has been Flexibility Coach to top athletes, Olympians, Professional dancers, Cirque Du Soleil performers, actors, UFC Champion Victor Belfort and the Carlson Gracie Team and more, to maximize their potential.

Stacey began her career by achieving a black belt in Kung Fu, then Flexibility Coaching found her when top athletes and performers would seek her out after seeing her kicking with spectacular range of motion. Stacey specializes in one of a kind mind, body, spirit flexibility training to unleash the highest potential in every individual that follows her step by step proven system. She designed The Stacey Stretch Strap ® and The Stacey Posture Strap as the perfect spotting tools to go with her system.

From the moment she saw their Kung Fu training she knew right then and there that would be her life-path. She has contributed over 30 published articles to The Huffington Post on: Kung Fu, Meditation, Flexibility, Spirituality, Health and Well-Being.​ Also has been showcased in cover stories for such notable publications as Inside Kung Fu and Brazil’s Kiai, as well as prominent features in Masters of Kung Fu, Inside Martial Arts, and recently, four issues of Kung Fu Magazine.

Other success stories include training Ultimate Fighting Champion Vitor Belfort and The Carlson Gracie Jiu Jitsu Team for their triumphant UFC championship fights on pay-per-view. In addition, she currently worked with Team Canada’s Track/Field/Triple hurdler Divya Biswal and Team Mexico Synchronized swimmer Jessica Sobrino for next Olympics, Professional High diver 2016 World Cup Champion Lysanne Richard. Previously NBA players Jalen Rose of the Indiana Pacers, and the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team. Her clients rave about their improved flexibility, decline in injuries, and increased range of motion. Her stint with the LA Galaxy prompted Randy Kerdoon of Fox Sports 11 in Los Angeles to produce a feature story during sweeps profiling Stacey and her work. Recognizing her talent, television producers eventually called upon her. Stacey was Cybill Shepherd’s fight double for an episode of Cybill, where she choreographed a fight scene and kick boxed three aliens. Stacey also appeared in the popular television series Power Rangers as the guest lead.

​​A model for fitness and sport, the editors of SELF magazine featured her martial arts workout in the body-bonus section. So impressed by her, they called on her once again to teach and prepare actress Shannon Elizabeth to perform a side kick in a photo shoot.

At present, Stacey’s DVD’s/Online Courses include Anytime, Anywhere Kung Fu, Secrets of Splits & Flexibility, Extreme Flexibility for Pro-Athletes & Teams, Stretching for the Least Flexible People On The Planet, Secrets of Splits & Flexibility 2, and her latest 15 new Online Streaming Flexibility Makeover Intensive Courses with Olympians, Pro-Athletes, Ballet Dancers, Gymnasts, Performers and More! Click here to start your makeover takeover now

Secrets of Splits & Flexibility 1 is an updated version of her popular program, with bonus material for International distribution through Body in Balance TV which was on television last year on SKY Channel in the UK , Greece and other European territories.

Mark Woo, the inventor of the StretchGym™, also hired Stacey to write and star in the DVD that is included with StretchGym. She designed the routine to go with this brilliant aid for increasing flexibility.

Stacey works with athletes and individuals internationally, which has developed into a two year wait list to discover her secrets to flexibility. Her intention to help everyone with her rare gift which inspired her to film new Flexibility Makeover Courses so everyone of every age, level, need and sport can achieve the same results that have already helped thousands.

Check out the Stacey Stretch Strap.

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