David Reese, President of Florida’s First Coast of Golf

Rick’s guest this week is David Reese, President of Florida’s First Coast of Golf.

Florida’s First Coast of Golf is designed to promote Amelia Island, Jacksonville and The Beaches, St. Augustine, Ponte Vedra & The Beaches, Clay County and Palm Coast & The Flagler Beaches as the premier destination for Florida golf vacations. We also partner with Jacksonville Aviation Authority, THE PLAYERS, the World Golf Village along with the region’s golf courses and accommodations partners.

David plays an integral role with golf in this region of Florida.

Reese is an experienced sales and marketing professional with over 16 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry. Currently, David is the president of Florida’s First Coast of Golf, a golf destination marketing company located in Jacksonville Beach. He oversees the operation of the 501(c)6 organization that is designed to promote golf tourism to the First Coast. The foundation is built on cooperative marketing/public relations efforts for 61 industry partners, 5 counties, and the State under a unified brand. The accomplishments of the organization revolve around solid strategic, marketing/public relations plans and intense volunteer involvement.

David began his career as a convention sales manager for the Jacksonville Convention and Visitor’s bureau. David earned his bachelors degree in marketing with an emphasis on hospitality management from Florida State University.

As an active participant in the community David serves on the Board of Directors for International Association of Golf Tour Operators 2001-present, is a member of the Gator Bowl Association, VISIT FLORIDA’s Board of Directors, Visit Jacksonville’s Board of Directors, member of the Greater Jacksonville Agricultural Fair Association, President of the SKAL Club of Jacksonville and a committee member of Visit Florida.

Great to be joined by David to talk about the state of golf on Florida’s First Coast and the challenges he and his organization face. It was an honor to meet and talk with David while at THE PLAYERS.

David Reese


Dylan Jacob, Entrepreneur and Founder of BruMate

Rick is joined this week by a young entrepreneur, who is looking change the drinking experience at tailgates, out on boats or at your next pool party. Let me introduce you to BruMate.

At 24 years old, Dylan Jacob, inventor, and entrepreneur, an Indiana native operates BruMate, his third business, which is on track to reach $35 million in revenue this year. Dylan Jacob dropped out of Purdue University in his second semester to run a phone repair and reselling business he created as a high school sophomore. He founded and sold a second business before founding BruMate, a company that sells insulated containers (two patents) and adult beverages and accessories.

His work has gotten him recognized by Forbes. Dylan attributes his success to passion and sleeping a lot. We’re glad he stayed awake for this interview.

Dylan loves to discuss with you how he developed a brand concept, patented products and took the business from zero to 20 million in sales with himself as the only full-timer, using social media as his main way to market it. He is also a patent holder.

1000% Market Growth 2018- 600% Market Growth for 2019

BrüMate, founded in November 2016 by Dylan Jacob in his hometown of Indianapolis, grossed 2Min 2017 and finished 2018 with 1000% growth at 20M in sales with a successful holiday campaign before reaching its 2nd anniversary. We started January and February  2019  at over 600% growth Year-over-year (YOY) compared to 2018. Based on our new marketing campaigns, new product launches, and international distribution. They are estimating 35M+ for 2019.

Richard Roth, Sports Attorney on the use of ‘Video’

Rick is joined this week by noted sports attorney, Richard Roth.

When news just broke that Robert Kraft was arrested for soliciting a prostitute in Florida, the sports world took notice. Was it true, well there apparently is a video.

Richard Roth, New York City attorney.

A multi-faceted attorney, focusing on sports, white-collar crime, and employment, Mr. Roth has represented publicly held corporations and privately held businesses, CEOs, and industry magnates as well as celebrities, athletes, and professional sports organizations. He has represented NFL Hall of Famer Warren Sapp and Peyton Manning among many other professional athletes.

Rich says, “Well … the use of video tape replays was the big issue in the playoffs, when both the Patriots (on an alleged offside by KC at the end of the game when KC intercepted Brady) and the Rams (when it unquestionably committed pass interference on the Saints at the end of the game) allowed those teams to be in the Superbowl. What about a videotape of Robert Kraft wrongfully soliciting a prostitute after that game? Can the Patriots get around that call?”


Kraft was charged on two counts of soliciting prostitution during a bust on massage parlors in Florida. And apparently Jupiter police caught Kraft on video!!!
Kraft, certainly one of the wealthiest men in the land, allegedly dished out a whopping $79 for an hour of foul play.
Kraft is the man who orchestrated getting around deflate-gate and aiding the Patriots in all of their issues, is now in a bit of a situation himself.
Perhaps he will come up with an excuse as to why he happened to be at the massage parlor at the time?

“If the video shows all, Kraft’s craftiness will not help him out of this penalty.”

Roth and Rick talk about the Kraft situation, other NFL cases where video shared light on the situation and whether this is something new to society and the sports world.

Richard Roth is a wealth of information in and out of the sports universe. Great to talk with Richard and get his take on the goings on in sports.


Marisa Corcoran, Copywriter and Copy Coach, The Copy Chat

Rick is joined by the entertaining and informative Marisa Corcoran this week.

Many entrepreneurs find themselves going to a competitor’s website and the comparison monster has them asking how they got their message so captivating.Marissa can and will help. Especially in the world of sports, it’s important to have content that keeps your readers engaged.

The Copy Chat.

Marisa is a firm believer in using words that are irresistible to your dream clients without sounding sales-y or like that robocall saying you won a free cruise. Which is why she has created The Copy Chat.


The email dos + don’ts that get inside the mind of your ideal client
Debunking the myth that “it’s already been said”
Social media posts that get comments and clicks
Creating a successful and profitable webinar with a human connection
Simple tools for the copy basics and SEO

If you are wondering how to create emails that convert, a blog post people will actually read, or go live on Facebook with a clear message. Marisa can give all the secrets so that your audience can consistently create content that converts

Marisa Corcoran is a copywriter and copy coach who helping coaches + creatives craft compelling copy that attracts clients, makes money, and creates a massive movement online. When not click-clacking on her laptop, you can find Marisa analyzing a Real Housewives episode like it’s government policy and consuming inappropriate amounts of Nutrageous bars.

Marisa was a great guest and she not only wants to make you a better writer, but also get your message across to a larger audience.

Omri Lachman, CEO of Humavox

Rick talks seamless charging this week with Omri Lachman, Chief Executive Officer of Humavox. Soon we may be having our devices charged by common ordinary objects in our homes or office.

Humavox, a leader in wireless charging technology, introduces its wireless charging ecosystem for smartphones and other everyday mobile devices, such as wireless headphones, power tools, drones, and IoT connected devices at The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), to provide a truly seamless charging solution. Humavox showcased its innovative technology at CES this year, LVCC, South Hall 4, Booth #36035, and presented a variety of wireless charging scenarios by turning everyday storage items into smart wireless chargers so users can stay connected around the clock.

Humavox’s advanced RF based technology and “On Around the Clock™” experience at CES, marks the next step towards the retirement of traditional charging methods, unleashing users from cable dependency and putting an end to draining battery anxiety. Humavox’s wireless charging technology, ETERNAⓇ, is a flexible platform comprised of proprietary semiconductor devices and state of the art algorithms that feature receiving and transmitting chipsets. The company’s technology is built and ready for certain original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to integrate into many types of mobile devices, and can be customized to transform almost any everyday storage item into a smart wireless charger, so that a drawer, toolbox, or backpack, can serve as a charging unit. With the expansion to smartphones and similar applications, Humavox’s innovative RF technology will be able to address a broader range of mobile devices, from ultra-low power consumers such as IoT connected devices, to higher power consumer products, such as smartphones and power tools.

Additionally, Humavox announces a strategic partnership with TennRich International Corp., a leading original design manufacturer (ODM) and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) in the mobile charging market. Together, they will expedite consumer reach for Humavox wireless charging for smartphones and other devices through a new product line of mobile charging solutions that will be designed and commercialized by both companies. TennRich, a partner and a licensee of Energizer, is a leading manufacturer of batteries and portable lighting products, providing its ODM and OEM services to major brands, including Energizer, Mophie, Philips, Away and others.

“We’re thrilled to bring our wireless charging technology to yet another application at the world’s largest tech event. By expanding our wireless charging technology for smartphones, we expect users to finally have the required measure of convenience and reliability they need in order to truly rely on wireless charging and go about their day,” says Lachman, Chief Executive Officer of Humavox. “We’re excited about our new partnership with TennRich as we’re always looking for ways to expand our technology’s reach and address new markets by teaming up with leading manufacturers. TennRich comes with years of unique design and manufacturing experience in the mobile charging market that we see as imperative for the introduction and growth of our technology, and we look forward to a long lasting partnership.”

“This partnership allows us to continue to foster innovation and offer the most advanced products and technologies to the mobile charging market,” says Douglas Chen, CEO of TennRich. “We strive to supply our OEM customers with innovative technologies so in return, they can offer consumers long lasting rechargeable solutions, and help support the on-the-go lifestyle around the world. We’ve been applying wireless charging solutions for a long time now, and believe Humavox’s technology provides a well-needed enhancement of the overall wireless charging experience. We believe that such enhancement can boost consumer adoption and elevate the glass ceiling of wireless charging product applicability.”

Humavox is an innovative developer of groundbreaking technology in the field of wireless power. With its ETERNA platform, Humavox uses near-field radio frequency (RF) technology, in order to provides users with a simple and intuitive charging experience (“drop & charge”). The technology can be implemented in the smallest of devices, such as hearables, wearables and IoT devices. Humavox was founded in 2010 by Omri Lachman (CEO) and Asaf Elssibony (VP Innovation), and is based in Israel. For more information, visit http://www.humavox.com.

Chip Beck, PGA Tour Great for Pitchfix

Rick is joined once again this year, from the PGA Show in Orlando, but PGA Tour great and one of the nicest guys in golf, Chip Beck.

Chip is once again at the show serving as a brand ambassador for Pitchfix.

Pitchfix USA, a global market leader in switchblade divot tools and other golf products, introduced new products at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando (Jan. 22-25). In addition to the Pitchfix Tour Edition and Tour Edition 2.5 divot repair tools, the Pitchfix 4 in 1 MultiMarker Chip will make their debuts at booth #2015 at the World’s number one golf merchandise show.

The Pitchfix Tour Edition divot repair tool is the first non-switchblade metal product from Pitchfix. Two versions are available, one with the traditional fork (Tour Edition) and one with the award winning RepairtecTM pins (Tour Edition 2.5). Both have a club rest and removable ball marker. Each model has a combination of treated finished steel and soft feel plastic. The manufacturing process allows for special color combinations, personalization as well as adding logos for branding and promotional uses.

The Pitchfix MultiMarker Chip is an alternative to the standard poker chip ball marker. With the same diameter as a poker chip, the Multi Marker Chip is easy to find in your pocket and has a small magnetic ball marker that’s useful when you are close to someone’s putting line. The MultiMarker Chip has a ‘tee toss’ function on both sides and a putting alignment function on the reverse side. The multi marker chip is available in a wide range of colors.

“We’re excited to introduce three new quality items to our extensive, award-winning product line,” said Bart Fokke, president, Pithfix USA. “We look forward to sharing the capabilities of these products and demonstrating them to PGA professionals and buyers at the PGA Merchandise Show and through our distributors worldwide.”

About Pitchfix

Founded in 2005, Pitchfix is the market leader for switchblade divot tools and other golf green related products in Europe and Asia and is renowned for its high standards in design and product quality. It aims to be the market leader in divot tools and other golf related products in the United States by designing, manufacturing and distributing an ever-growing line of high quality and innovative European designed products through selected distribution partners.
Pitchfix currently offers an array of diverse and innovative products for golfers worldwide: Twister 2.0 Divot Tool; Classic Divot Tool; Hybrid 2.0 Divot Tool; XL 3.0 Divot Tool; Alignmee Marker Alignment Tool, Hatclip Ball Marker, The Tour Edition and Tour Edition 2.5 Divot Tool, and the Multi Marker Chip.
The Pitchfix Fusion 2.5 was named “Best Divot Repair Tool” by Golf Digest in its 2018 Editors’ Choice Awards for the second consecutive year.
Pitchfix currently has operational and manufacturing facilities in Hong Kong, China, the Netherlands and the U.S. In the U.S. the company recently opened three fulfillment centers with five customer facing/support employees to facilitate custom order processing and fulfillment. Custom orders are fulfilled within two to eight days of receipt. For further information go to www.pitchfixusa.com.


At the youthful age of 10, Chip Beck’s mother first introduced him to golf by taking him to a junior clinic. Little did she know the impact that day would have on him. After a successful junior career, Chip enrolled at the University of Georgia where he would become one of the most decorated golfers in UGA history. As a three-time first team All-American and five-time tournament winner with more top ten finishes than any other player in the school’s history, Chip Beck decided it was time to test his skills with the best players in the world on the PGA Tour.
Chip had four PGA Tour victories and twenty runner-up finishes during his playing career. He won the Vardon Trophy in 1989 and spent 40 weeks in the top 10 of the World Golf Rankings from 1988 to 1989. Additionally, he was the second player to ever shoot ’59’ in a PGA Tour tournament. Several players have accomplished this feat on the PGA Tour, but only Al Geiberger and David Duval have also reached that magical thirteen under par number. Prior to the Las Vegas Invitational, the Hilton family said anybody who could shoot a 59 would win a million dollars. Despite never having seen the course before, Chip had five pars and 13 birdies (a PGA Tour record for birdies in one round), including a three footer on the 18th hole to shoot a 59. Beck finished tied for third in the tournament, but half of the million dollars he won ended up funding the Chip Beck Scholarship. Since 1991, this scholarship has run in conjunction with the Evans Scholars Foundation with the Western Golf Association and still continues today.

In addition to his PGA Tour accomplishments, Chip Beck is also well known as a three-time Ryder Cup member, especially as a crucial player in the 1993 Ryder Cup, the last time the United States won on European soil. His all-time Ryder Cup record is 6-2-1, with a point percentage of .72. Furthermore, Chip is one of two people to ever have a hole in one on a par four, which he achieved on the 314-yard 9th hole at the 2003 Omaha Classic. Although Chip has never won a major, he was the runner-up in three Majors and one Players Championship. (1986 US Open, 1989 US Open, 1989 Players Championship and 1993 Masters).

To many around the world Chip Beck is simply known as ‘Mr. 59,’ but ask him and he will tell you he is just another guy who loves God, his family, and the game of golf. Chip is currently an ambassador for Arcis Golf and for PitchfixUSA, the company that manufactures the Golf Digest award winning Fusion 2.5 Divot Repair Tool.