Jared Robins, President of NoSweat

NoSweat, a Minneapolis-based company that creates patented sweat-absorbing headwear liners, and it’s President, Jared Robins are onto something. Robins, who previously held the position of Chief Operating Officer at NoSweat joins Rick on “Tech of Sports” this week.

NoSweat is a lifestyle brand and manufacturer of products that are 100% USA made and built to increase performance, safety and hygiene for anyone who sweats and wears some type of hat, helmet, visor or hard-hat. NoSweat’s goal is to provide innovative products that improve how people work, play and live. Founded in 2008 by Justin Johnson and based out of Minneapolis, NoSweat offers a growing, patented line of sweat-absorbing solutions that are unique to the sports, construction, industrial, food prep, military, and municipal spaces.

Robins built his career forming investment and endorsement partnerships between startups and athletes. He has helped sign some of the biggest names in sports to endorse and invest in NoSweat including: Washington Capitals winger T.J. Oshie, Detroit Lions receiver Golden Tate, Houston Astros pitcher Dallas Keuchel, and PGA player Stewart Cink. In addition, Robins recently played an integral part in negotiating a deal to make NoSweat an Official Licensed product of the PGA Tour.

“Over the past 18 months it has been a pleasure working with our executive team of Justin Johnson, Jon Marshalla, and Collin lacarella. Together we have grown NoSweat from a Minnesota hockey startup, to a company that now has multiple products which are both nationally and internationally recognized,” said Jared Robins. “I am extremely honored and excited to represent NoSweat into the next stages of growth, and am looking forward to working in this capacity immediately as we begin our next capital fundraise.”

Robins has a history of being involved with sports and has previously interned for National Football Association Players Association Chief, Gene Upshaw. He later went on to graduate from the University of Arizona with a degree in business management. Robins built his network of athlete connections while attending Bullis School in Potomac, MD, and has previously worked for the smart headphone company Muzik.

NoSweat has created the first disposable performance liners for hats, helmets, hard hats and visors that absorb sweat instantly while preventing odors, stains and even acne.

NoSweat thin liners simply peel and stick to the inside of headwear and feature SweatLockÔ technology engineered to instantly absorb sweat. Moisture is locked inside the line to help prevent dripping sweat, fogging, sweat stains, acne and odor. Each NoSweat liner absorbs around 2 ounces of sweat.

The liners are performance, safety and hygiene based allowing users to perform at their best, without distractions that are associated with sweating. Depending on the person and activities being performed, each liner can last anywhere from one round of golf to two weeks of standard hat usage. The liners also preserve hats and keep the inside looking as fresh as the day it was bought.

Enjoy Jared talking about his journey and success with NoSweat, one of Rick’s favorite products and it’s under $5.

Trae Young, NBA and Atlanta Hawks Rookie Sensation for Tissot

Rick is joined by one of the new stars in the NBA this week.

Trae Young, the top draft pick of the Atlanta Hawks has been everything Hawks and NBA had hoped he would be as the NBA season is just about three weeks old. He’s also looking for specifics when he’s in the market for a new watch. So a partnership with Tissot was something he had his eye on, even before the NBA Draft. So much so, that Young spent the better part of Sunday afternoon shopping in front of media and greeting fans in the Tissot area of Dillard’s at Perimeter Mall.

Rick was able to join him for a bit of holiday watch shopping.

Tissot offers distinguished and accessible Swiss watches using special materials, advanced functionality and meticulous design detail to create precise and stylish pieces. As it continues to create pioneering creations, Tissot stands by its signature, “Innovators by Tradition.” In addition to other designations, Tissot is the Official Timekeeper and Watch of the NBA at us.tissotshop.com. Take a look at the Tissot watches and their prices. They are affordable and make great holiday gifts.

“We are so proud to welcome these teams and athletes into our sports family,” added François Thiébaud, President of Tissot. “Our partnership with the NBA has been very successful for us since its inception in 2015, helping to increase our brand awareness amongst NBA fans in the U.S., and we know these new alliances will continue to raise Tissot’s profile around the world.”

As you can see, Tissot is heavily vested in the NBA.

They’ve even created the Tissot Buzzer Beaters program.

In addition to the new team partnership deals, which will showcase Tissot as part of team marketing plans, in-arena creative and digital support, Tissot will continue to be the leading presenter of all NBA Buzzer Beaters, designated when a player sinks a winning basket with 0.00 seconds left on the Tissot Shot Clock. Showcased on NBA social media channels, the program highlights Tissot’s painstakingly accurate timekeeping.

I’m sure Trae will be hitting a few “Buzzer Beaters” this year.

New this year, Tissot and the NBA will offer fans exclusive benefits throughout the season via NBA social media channels and on NBAstore.com.

Have a listen to Rick and Trae talk watches, basketball and holiday shopping!

Adam Kaplan, CEO of Edgybees

Edgybees, a leader in visual intelligence technology, has harnessed the power of AR to make broadcasting experiences more palatable and understandable. Already working with Turner Sports to add a new dimension to golf broadcasts, CEO and Co-Founder Adam Kaplan speaks to Rick about the untapped potential of AR in sports and in baseball — from overlaying the trajectory of an RBI to simply adding a third dimension to the K-zone.

America’s national pastime is still the game that our great grandfathers knew, and while other sports have adapted with the times, baseball decidedly hasn’t. Football has an AR downline, golf’s has a tracer for drives – why can’t fan of baseball benefit from it as well?

It’s great for Kaplan to join “Tech of Sports” this week as sports makes big strides in improving the fan experience with technology.

Edgybees brings full visibility and understanding to any dynamic scenes by creating collaborative virtual worlds of any complex environment with Augmented Real-time Intelligence™. Using Visual Intelligence Technology™ Kaplan’s team is pioneering the 3D video generation, computer vision and multi-sensor data analytics to provide a highly contextual visual presence of non-tangible intelligence.

Military and emergency first responders get instant, accurate visibility and collaboration. Sports enthusiasts enjoy ground-breaking real-time Augmented Commentary™. The auto industry are joining the revolution with real-time car experiences that enhance safety for drivers and fun for passengers like never before.

Edgybees was co-founded in 2016 by Menashe Haskin, former manager of the Amazon Prime Air Israeli development office, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, together with CEO Adam Kaplan and Director of Platform Nitay Megides.

Thanks to Adam for coming on this week’s edition of “Tech of Sports.”

Stephen Steinberg, Vapor Fresh Laundry Detergent Pods

Rick talks with Raw Athletics founder, a former University of Maryland club hockey player, Stephen Steinberg this week on Tech of Sports. You might be asking what laundry detergent pods have to so with sports, well keep reading.

Raw Athletics launches and scales brands that help people lead healthier lives, “because we believe a healthy athlete is a better athlete.”

One of Raw Athletics’ brands is Vapor Fresh. Vapor Fresh® is the line of green cleaning products specifically for the sports and fitness industry. Used by many professional and collegiate sports programs, fitness centers, spin studio and everyday athletes trying to lead a healthier life. If it’s good enough to clean the jerseys of professional sports teams, it has to be good enough for your laundry room at home.

Stephen who mixing batches of cleaning spray in his dorm room in 2008, has evolved a single product into a line of eco-friendly products for the sports industry — from professional and college teams to gyms and fitness studios.

Now they have a product for consumers.

Vapor Fresh® Laundry Detergent Pods are free of additives such as fragrances, dyes, brighteners and softeners that can irritate skin. These additives can also alter the surface of your activewear, causing them to lose their wicking capabilities, hold onto lingering odors and become uncomfortable. So we avoid them all.

Instead, Vapor Fresh® Laundry Detergent Pods utilize advanced cold-water enzymes and cleaning agents designed to eliminate even your toughest stains and odors in a cold water wash, which can save you up to 90% in energy costs.

You used to have to choose between a powerful detergent and a safe detergent. Now you have Vapor Fresh®.

Advanced Cold Water Enzymes & Cleaning Agents. By using cutting-edge enzymes and cleaning agents, we can deliver a complete clean in cold water without the need for irritating additives.

Hypoallergenic & Safe For Sensitive Skin. Free & clear of fragrances, dyes, brightener and softeners that can irritate sensitive skin.

Designed For Gym Clothes, Perfect For All Laundry. Powerful for your nastiest, smelliest gym clothes, but gentle enough for all laundry.

Ecofriendly & Biodegradable. Formulated with biodegradable surfactants, free of environmental toxins like dioxanes and phosphates, and formulated for cold water, which can save you up to $0.60/load in energy costs.

30 Concentrated Loads There are 30 pods per package, and the pods are safe for regular and HE washers.
Proudly Made In The USA. Proudly made in Wisconsin and distributed out of our Pennsylvania warehouse

Great to talk with Stephen, he has an interesting story to tell and our laundry will surely be more clean and fresh. You can order Vapor Fresh pods on Amazon.

Danielle Lao, Pro Tennis Player and Writer

Great to sit down with Danielle Lao  @TheLittleGiant, this week as she makes a return appearance on Tech of Sports. Lao has been rising up the WTA ranking and ending her 2018 campaign strongly. Rick sits down with Danielle at the 80K USTA Pro Circuit event in Macon, Ga.

Lao talks about her year, travel and keeping everything in perspective.

Lao is a former USC All-American and has qualified for the last two US Open main draws.

She also loves to write and is an author of an Amazon best-seller, The Invaluable Experience. She explains why playing college tennis was a time in her life she will never forget and why playing college sports is an “Invaluable Experience.”

A must read for anyone interested in playing college sports and for those that have had that “Invaluable Experience,” it’s a chance to relive one of the greatest times in their lives.

The book was written in 2013, and Lao gives advice based on her own experiences and gives a glimpse into life on the pro tour.

You can also follow Danielle’s WordPress blog here: https://thelittlegiantblog.wordpress.com/

Chef Gigi Gaggero, Author ‘Food Fight” For Parents of Picky Eaters

Rick is joined by Chef Gigi Gaggero this week for an insightful discussion about her new book and kids who are picky eaters.

Make lunch, not war. Food Fight: For Parents of Picky Eaters (Koehler Press, August 31, 2018) is a hands-on guide to understanding and reprogramming how families battle picky eating. It’s loaded with proven tactics to help parents take mealtimes back.

As founder of a professional culinary school for children, author Chef Gigi Gaggero has coached thousands of children and adults in how to cook (and eat!) better.

Based on over 35 years of professional experience, Food Fight targets picky eaters with the science of flavor and taste mechanisms, teaching parents how to transform nutrient-dense meals into something delicious for their children’s unique and developing palates.

In addition to behavioral tips and solutions, the book features over 60 innovative and practical recipes, including naturally colored Green Eggs and Ham, smashed-fruit filled Purple Tie-Dye Unicorn Muffins, umami-rich Dinosaur-as Teriyaki Drumettes, and hassle-free Homemade Soft-Serve Ice Cream.

While it’s easy to see picky eating as a phase, moderate-to-severe picky eating often coincides with serious issues like depression and anxiety that may later require intervention. Chef Gigi exposes the habits that inadvertently reinforce picky eating and helps parents navigate the challenging landscape by showing them the science behind flavor and awakening them to the culinary magic of umami. Rick and Gigi also talk about what kids who are athletes need in their diets.

Gigi’s Tips:

Our taste buds disappear as we get older. Children have thousands of
additional taste buds, so flavor sensations, especially bitter flavors, can be
extremely overwhelming.
• If a child develops a preference for a certain flavor at an early age, odds are she
will stick to foods with similar flavor profiles.
• Hiding or disguising vegetables in children’s favorite meals has negative
consequences, with children later rejecting the food they once enjoyed and
becoming suspicious of all home cooked meals.
• Bribing backfires in the long run, as it teaches children to create lists of negative
and positive foods, where healthy foods are only viewed as a means to a dessert.
• Children, like adults, have a natural aversion to bitter foods, which may be a
survival measure. Most naturally-occurring poisons taste bitter and initiate a gag
reflex. Bitter foods can be made palatable to children by enhancing them with

Chef Gigi is a nationally recognized expert in children’s culinary education. She is the Former Dean and Academic Director of Le Cordon Bleu’s Hospitality Management Program, and founder of Kids Culinary Adventures, a professional culinary school for children and teens. She has appeared in a variety of broadcast media outlets, has been a frequent guest on Radio Disney, and is a regular contributor to numerous parenting and health magazines.

Enjoy this edition of ‘Tech of Sports.’

Food Fight
Chef Gigi