Adam Kaplan, CEO of Edgybees

Edgybees, a leader in visual intelligence technology, has harnessed the power of AR to make broadcasting experiences more palatable and understandable. Already working with Turner Sports to add a new dimension to golf broadcasts, CEO and Co-Founder Adam Kaplan speaks to Rick about the untapped potential of AR in sports and in baseball — from overlaying the trajectory of an RBI to simply adding a third dimension to the K-zone.

America’s national pastime is still the game that our great grandfathers knew, and while other sports have adapted with the times, baseball decidedly hasn’t. Football has an AR downline, golf’s has a tracer for drives – why can’t fan of baseball benefit from it as well?

It’s great for Kaplan to join “Tech of Sports” this week as sports makes big strides in improving the fan experience with technology.

Edgybees brings full visibility and understanding to any dynamic scenes by creating collaborative virtual worlds of any complex environment with Augmented Real-time Intelligence™. Using Visual Intelligence Technology™ Kaplan’s team is pioneering the 3D video generation, computer vision and multi-sensor data analytics to provide a highly contextual visual presence of non-tangible intelligence.

Military and emergency first responders get instant, accurate visibility and collaboration. Sports enthusiasts enjoy ground-breaking real-time Augmented Commentary™. The auto industry are joining the revolution with real-time car experiences that enhance safety for drivers and fun for passengers like never before.

Edgybees was co-founded in 2016 by Menashe Haskin, former manager of the Amazon Prime Air Israeli development office, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, together with CEO Adam Kaplan and Director of Platform Nitay Megides.

Thanks to Adam for coming on this week’s edition of “Tech of Sports.”