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Jason Yim, CEO of Trigger on Mixed Reality

Rick talks to AR, VR and Mixed Reality expert, Jason Yim, this week on “Tech of Sports.”

Even if movie theaters reopen, many consumers will not go. Amusement parks may not see attendance rebound to pre-COVID levels for years. In-person events, such as Comic-Con and live sports, will have to be vastly different moving forward. Across all forms of entertainment, we are in for major changes.

As consumers seek new entertainment options, cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) may find increased use in the home, catering to consumers that don’t want to venture out but want to experience the latest from huge entertainment franchises.

Trigger, one of the world’s leaders in mixed reality, can provide you with unique insights into the future of entertainment, what consumers will be looking for and how companies can utilize these rapidly growing technologies to reach broader audiences. Trigger has worked with major entertainment companies including Disney, Amazon, Sony Pictures, Marvel, the NBA and more.

With many top franchises “grounded” for the time being, there is a unique window of opportunity for entertainment rights holders to try new platforms to reach fans and expand the popularity of their brands.

Rick and Jason talk sports and more as we all try to survive a pandemic. Check out Trigger Global.