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Chad Willis, President, Racing Electronics

Rick is joined this week, but Chad Willis, the President of Racing Electronics in Concord, NC.

Racing Electronics is a fixture at major motorsports events across the country. From the ubiquitous “RE Red” headsets worn by thousands of race fans to the Racing Electronics equipment used on pit road, in the car, and on the spotter stand, Racing Electronics produces and sells the most popular motorsports communication equipment available today.

Racing Electronics offers trackside services to ensure race fans are prepared and race ready!

Accessories sold at the track: splitters, hearing protection and ear-plugs, frequency sheets, custom ear molds shot trackside, and FanVision battery swap (at NASCAR events only).

Devices programmed at the track: RE3000, RE1000, Trackscan, Uniden SC230, and FanVision activations and software updates (at NASCAR events only).

Racing Electronics is a fixture in the racing industry. Fans and those that make their living in the industry appreciate their products and how they innovate.

Chad is an analytics-driven marketer who enjoys tackling the difficult challenges, designing innovative and engaging strategies and working with results-driven teams to generate revenue. A customer-centric marketing and communications professional with a knack for connecting brands and consumers, and creating opportunity by building successful relationships and partnerships.

Great to talk with Chad learning more about Racing Electronics.