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Pat Hegewald, On Air and Online with Kenosha Sports Extra

Joined this week by my friend, Pat Hegewald this week for a fun episode.

Here’s how Pat describes himself:

Technology sales, sports enthusiast, decent father, excellent grandfather and all around solid citizen. Playing fantasy sports since 1988, working in sports talk radio in some capacity since 1990 with over 400 live play by play calls for high school and college games. Lover of all things Wisconsin (the Brewers run in the summer of ’18 was epic) and equal proponent of all thinks Kenosha….my hometown.

Pat and I talk about his love of sports and how that spawned a part-time career in sports broadcasting and sports talk.

He hosts Kenosha Sports Extra each Wednesday night on AM 1050 WLIP in Kenosha, WI and runs the Kenosha Sports Extra website.

He’s also a technology professional by day. We also talk about his regular caller, “Shirley.”

Let’s hear what Pat has in the works and as Pat always says… KTown Rocks!

Pat Hegewald