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Dave Heeren, NBA Statistician, New Book ‘Seventy-Five: Best NBA Players and Teams Rated by Statistician who has Seen Games Since 1947’

Great to be joined by the legendary Dave Heeren this week. Dave has seen NBA games since 1947 and has a new book out taking statistics and the TENDEX Method into account to rank the top-75 NBA players of all-time.

The book is Seventy-Five.

Dave is an award-winning journalist and author of 18 books. He invented his pioneer statistics system (later known as TENDEX) during his sophomore year at the University of Delaware. He has served as a statistician for the NY Knicks, a sports editor, news editor and editor-in-chief. His other books include five Basketball Abstract books, Basic Ball and The Sporting Stings. His TENDEX system has been used officially on every continent that had major professional basketball leagues between 1988 and 2013, and has been used to rate players by the Australian pro league and every European league.

Throughout the 2021-2022 season, the NBA will commemorate its 75th anniversary, and the latest book, Seventy-Five, from prolific sports reporter and pioneer NBA statistician Dave Heeren is a slam dunk for every basketball fan’s wish list.

Heeren is known worldwide for his TENDEX rating system — the gold standard for ranking players, projecting drafts and rating the best teams in the NBA. He has also witnessed all 75 years of the NBA through his work as a team statistician for the New York Knicks, writing books, doing columns for The Sporting News and just his love of the game since he was a child.

Seventy-Five provides an in-depth, entertaining journey through 75 years of the NBA, with information of interest to basketball fans everywhere, including:

– A look-back at all 75 years with TENDEX (statistical) input, including insights dating to the Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson and Wilt Chamberlain prime years;

– How, during a 30-year period, TENDEX rated two-thirds of the elite NBA draft choices more accurately than the NBA’s multi-million dollar scouting system;

– Dozens of fascinating facts and humor-infused anecdotes;

– The four legendary players in a near tie for greatest of all time according to TENDEX;

– The greatest NBA teams of all-time, greatest shooters, rebounders, playmakers, defensive players, most durable players and most athletic players according to TENDEX formulae;

– A chart rating in order the top 75 players of all time;

– … and more!

I personally enjoyed this chat with Dave, I hope you will too.


Harry Patz, Sr. Vice-President and GM at Samsung America

Sports, video displays and Samsung this week at Rick is joined by Harry Patz on “Tech of Sports.”

Patz is the Sr. Vice-President and GM of the B2B Display Division at Samsung America.

Rick caught up with Patz and the Samsung team as Samsung is responsible for all the displays in the new Chase Center in San Francisco.

Patz is responsible for sales, customer and product marketing, business development and channel for a wide range of products such as digital signage, hospitality displays, LED signage and integrated display solutions across multiple industries and verticals.

It was great to see all the Samsung displays being used all over and around the grounds and inside the Chase Center.

First of all, Samsung and the Warriors ventured outside the arena to install the first-ever full outdoor LED display in San Francisco. Fastened to the outer wall of Chase Center’s west entrance, the eye-catching display provides a preview of the technology that is located inside. The superior image quality of Samsung’s 10mm LED video display is clear and vibrant. The displays are built to withstand any weather or environmental elements.

Once inside any the arena, there are over 1100 video displays giving directions, information or offering entertainment content.

Chase Center Digital Signage:

Seating Bowl, West Vomitorium, Club Displays (5) – 10mm – 4ft-3in wide x 2ft-2in high
Lower Bowl, East and West Vomitorium, Courtside Lounge Bulkhead Displays (4) – 10mm – 3ft-11in wide x 2ft-3in high
Lower Bowl, West Vomitorium, Courtside Club Displays (4) – 10mm – 9ft-9-3in wide x 2ft-3in high
Floor Vomitorium, Corner Tunnel Displays (1) – 10mm – 5ft-6in wide x 2ft-2ft high
Floor Vomitorium, Corner Tunnel Displays (1) – 10mm – 16ft-4in wide x 2ft-2ft high
Floor Vomitorium, Corner Tunnel Displays (1) – 10mm – 16ft-4in wide x 2ft-2in high
Floor Vomitorium, Corner Tunnel Displays (1) – 10mm – 5ft-5in wide x 2ft-2in high
Main Concourse, North Vomitorium, Lower Extension Bulkhead Center Display (1) – 10mm – 15ft-2in wide x 2ft-2in high
Main Concourse, North Vomitorium, Lower Extension Bulkhead Side Displays (2) – 10mm – 15ft-2in wide x 2ft-2in high
Seating Bowl, End Bowl Sponsor Displays (2) – 10mm – 31ft-5in wide x 2ft-2in high
Seating Bowl, Upper Wall Corner Displays (4) – 10mm – 10ft-10in wide x 2ft-2in high
Suite Level, Fascia Display (1) – 10mm – 711ft wide x 2ft-6in high
Upper Suite – 400 Level, Fascia Display (1) – 10mm – 631ft-11in wide x 2ft-6in high
Upper Concourse, Bridge Display (1) – 10mm – 128ft-11in wide x 4ft in high
Scorer’s Table Displays (4) – 24ft wide x 4ft high
Basketball Goal, Stanchion Displays (4) – 46in wide x 12in high
Theatre, North Facing Displays (2) – 10mm – 30ft wide x 7ft-10in high
Theatre, South Facing Displays (2) – 10mm – 30ft wide x 7ft-10in high
Theatre, Halo East Facing Display (1) – 10mm – 80ft wide x 7ft-10in high
Theatre, Halo East Facing Display (1) – 10mm – 80ft wide x 7ft-10in high
Post-Game Interview Room Display (1) – 22ft wide x 8ft-10in high
Main Concourse, Lobby Display (1) – 33ft wide x 7ft-1in high
Plaza Entrance Display (1) – 10mm – 74ft wide x 42ft high
Theatre Entrance Display (1) – 10mm – 141ft wide x 2.7ft high
Gatehouse, Ribbon Display (1) – 10mm – 100ft wide x 3ft high
Ticket Window Displays (1) – 5mm – 20in wide x 5in high
Locker Room Game Clocks (38) – 20in wide x 8in high
Fixed Digit Scoreboards (4) – 6ft wide x 3ft-6in high
Samsung SMART Signage Professional Displays (1,100)

Then there’s the centerhung scoreboard. Amazing to look at.

Patz is a big sports fan, so a great guest to talk about all sorts of topics, here on “Tech of Sports.”

Elizabeth Clark, Wine Educator at Adelsheim Vineyard

Rick is talking about a special release of wine this week with wine educator, Elizabeth Clark of Adelsheim Vineyard.

Perfect for the start of the NBA season and the upcoming holidays:

Portland Trail Blazers and Adelsheim Vineyard Released 50th Anniversary Commemorative Wine Sept. 24

The Portland Trail Blazers and Oregon’s Adelsheim Vineyard are releasing a 50th Anniversary Trail Blazers Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. It will be extremely limited and released to the public on Sept. 24th. The label is a special homage to the Blazers 50 year history including iconic images of the Coliseum, Moda Center and Rose Quarter. It also incorporates Blazers jersey designs throughout the decades. $50 a bottle. Available via https://www.adelsheim.com/blazers

Clark talks about how this all came about, the detail in the design of the label and the Blazers.

Clark is an experienced Wine Educator and Experience Curator with a demonstrated history of working in the wine and spirits industry. Skilled in Food & Beverage, Public Speaking, Customer Service, Menu Development, and Culinary Skills. Strong operations professional graduated from Apicius International School of Hospitality.

Wine down with this episode of ‘Tech of Sports.’


Trae Young, NBA and Atlanta Hawks Rookie Sensation for Tissot

Rick is joined by one of the new stars in the NBA this week.

Trae Young, the top draft pick of the Atlanta Hawks has been everything Hawks and NBA had hoped he would be as the NBA season is just about three weeks old. He’s also looking for specifics when he’s in the market for a new watch. So a partnership with Tissot was something he had his eye on, even before the NBA Draft. So much so, that Young spent the better part of Sunday afternoon shopping in front of media and greeting fans in the Tissot area of Dillard’s at Perimeter Mall.

Rick was able to join him for a bit of holiday watch shopping.

Tissot offers distinguished and accessible Swiss watches using special materials, advanced functionality and meticulous design detail to create precise and stylish pieces. As it continues to create pioneering creations, Tissot stands by its signature, “Innovators by Tradition.” In addition to other designations, Tissot is the Official Timekeeper and Watch of the NBA at us.tissotshop.com. Take a look at the Tissot watches and their prices. They are affordable and make great holiday gifts.

“We are so proud to welcome these teams and athletes into our sports family,” added François Thiébaud, President of Tissot. “Our partnership with the NBA has been very successful for us since its inception in 2015, helping to increase our brand awareness amongst NBA fans in the U.S., and we know these new alliances will continue to raise Tissot’s profile around the world.”

As you can see, Tissot is heavily vested in the NBA.

They’ve even created the Tissot Buzzer Beaters program.

In addition to the new team partnership deals, which will showcase Tissot as part of team marketing plans, in-arena creative and digital support, Tissot will continue to be the leading presenter of all NBA Buzzer Beaters, designated when a player sinks a winning basket with 0.00 seconds left on the Tissot Shot Clock. Showcased on NBA social media channels, the program highlights Tissot’s painstakingly accurate timekeeping.

I’m sure Trae will be hitting a few “Buzzer Beaters” this year.

New this year, Tissot and the NBA will offer fans exclusive benefits throughout the season via NBA social media channels and on NBAstore.com.

Have a listen to Rick and Trae talk watches, basketball and holiday shopping!