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Richard Rakowski, CEO, Medically Home

This week on “Tech of Sports”, Rick is joined by Richard Rakowski, CEO, Medically Home.

Richard has relished the excitement, diversity and nourishment secured from a 39-year career in engineering, strategy consulting and senior leadership roles in entrepreneurial start-ups, health care services companies, renewable energy, and resource recovery. His experience includes both public and private company leadership and he has been heavily influenced by his family history. He is a frequent public speaker and a passionate advocate for the transformation of acute medical care into safer, more clinically effective models.

He founded and led New Paradigm Ventures (NPV), a business incubator in the health care and food industry market. A study conducted by his firm brought him to American Healthways and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota as part of a merger between his firm and Healthways.

During his tenure as President of Healthways, Healthways stock grew from $18 to $53 per share as the impact of his work began to shape the care support and population health sectors. His scaled experience with population health inspired him and passionately drew him into a focus on disruptive healthcare services models. Since Healthways, Rich and his partner Andy founded Intersection Partners and launched a number of healthcare services businesses, including Clinically Home, the predecessor model of Medically Home.

Rich and his father were featured in the documentary film “Mr. Rakowski,” which examines the effects of the Holocaust on his childhood and their relationship.

Now with Medically Home, the hospital can come to your home.

This year at CES, the Medically Home team will be showcased a mock virtual hospital by displaying a patient’s living room equipped with custom configured software and analytics, telecommunication technologies, and sensors that allow the patient’s home to serve as a virtual expansion to bricks and mortar facilities.

In this year’s booth, Medically Home will be displaying Cesia Continuum™ a composition of proprietary IP, software, hardware, and third-party technology. The network Cesia (SAY-sha) provides, connects the three pillars of the Medically Home model: the patients home, mission control center, and the supply chain

How it works:

  • Set up a temporary virtual hospital room in the patient’s home
  • Configure/staff a physician-led/nurse-powered Medical Command Center – enabled and made safer via software supportive IP tools
  • Compose a clinical / operation / economic model that is designed to improve patient outcomes, while creating meaningful economic value
  • Configure a unique network of clinical/non-clinical services, medications, equipment and supplies to patients’ homes, enabled by software
  • Deliver care over a longer period of time to better stabilize patients and allow them to maintain a stable baseline after the episode of care
  • Enable selected surgical procedures to be performed outside the hospital, by linking the ambulatory surgery center to the temporary hospital unit in the home
  • Provide tools and systems that actively-engage the patient’s family, to amplify patient engagement and outcomes

This may be a great way for athletes or those having sports injury surgeries to recover in the comfort of their own home.

Per Richard: “The idea of Medically Home is what I felt when the doctor came into my home so many years ago. Medically Home is also about what the doctor felt from my mother and me when he left our home.”

Medically Home is an old idea whose time has come (again).

Thanks to Richard for coming on “Tech of Sports” and such a great idea for many people!