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Dick Perez, Sports Artist and Donruss Diamond Kings

Rick has a few minutes with the legendary sports artist, Dick Perez.

Perez’s entry into baseball started in 1972 as a team artist for the Philadelphia Phillies. His paintings of all the Hall of Famers with ties to Philadelphia reside in a permanent collection at Citizens Bank Park.

While working with the Phillies, he also became the official artist for the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Perez has painted every Hall of Famer’s official portrait.

In 1980, the popular Perez-Steele Hall of Fame postcards were released and updated every year with every new induction until 2002. By the end of the project’s run, there were 270 postcards. The larger postcards have become favorites among autograph collectors.

There were also the popular Diamond King baseball cards put out by Donruss.

“I loved doing them because I had the freedom,” stated Perez who was appearing at the Robert Edwards Auctions booth at The National. “(Donruss) got the license to do cards and they wanted to separate themselves from the pack.”

Rich Mueller, Founder and Editor, Sports Collectors Daily

The sports collecting hobby and industry is booming!

With The National Sports Collectors Convention in Chicago, just six weeks away, it’s the perfect time to take a look at sports collecting, with Rich Mueller of Sports Collectors Daily.

Mueller, a long-time television sports anchor and reporter and online journalist is President of Sports Collectors Daily Incorporated and the editor of SportsCollectorsDaily.com. He has earned numerous honors throughout his career including several prestigious Edward R. Murrow awards for sports reporting.

Whether you collect rare sports memorabilia, vintage sports cards, the latest sports card releases, game-worn jerseys, sports autographs, ticket stubs or something else, you can probably find a story about it on Sports Collectors Daily. The site has become a ‘bookmark’ and ‘must read’ for every sports collector, sports memorabilia shop owner, card show promoter or investor.

“Our traffic continues to grow. But please tell your friends. We hate blank stares or long pauses on the phone after introducing ourselves.”

At least 20 fresh pieces of content are added over the course of one month alone thanks in part to some talented writers,  contacts inside and outside the industry and a good old fashioned nose for news.  There are other sites in the industry that offer “articles” (many of which are simply re-writes of others’ work) but no other site can match the professional experience and journalistic quality of Sports Collectors Daily.  We set the standard.

Rick and Rich talk sports collecting, The National and how hard it is to cover the industry as it constantly goes through changes. Engaging talk if you ever collected baseball cards, autographs or are looking to get back in the hobby.

Card Country, Three Generations of Sports Collecting and Dealing

These next few “Tech of Sports” will be coming to you from last week’s National Sports Collectors Convention in Cleveland.

This week, Rick talks with Jeff Foy and three generations of sports collectors that make up the entire Foy Family and Card Country. They are from Indianapolis, IN and Jeff is a successful doctor, but he loves being a part of the baseball card and sports collecting universe. It’s a family affair for the Foy Family as they talk with Rick.

You couldn’t miss them at the National with their colorful Card Country shirts. What a great family and see how they benefit from not only being at this large show, but being a part of the hobby/industry.

Enjoy this interview!

Card Country at the 2018 National