Stephanie Moram, Green Living Expert, the CEO and Founder of Good Girl Gone Green

Stephanie Moram is a Green Living Expert, the CEO and Founder of Good Girl Gone Green, and host of the podcast Green Junkie, where she guides people to live a greener and more sustainable life without feeling overwhelmed.

She joins Rick this week.

It’s that season, tailgates and BBQs come with trash bags full of red solo cups and cans, thrown out plastic decorations, and so much waste! Moram, Founder of Good Girl Gone Green has been hosting green events with friends and family for years and is excited to teach others to reduce their waste!

Her tips for hosting a more eco-friendly summer BBQ including but not limited to:

Avoid Single-Use Items: Invest in reusable cups and cutlery for your event. Or, if the thought of doing all of those dishes is too much, look into compostable options.

Don’t Ditch Your Decorations: Either buy reusable decorations that you can bring back next year, or make your own! This can be a great crafting project to do with friends or children.

Stay Away from Pre-Packaged Food and Drinks: Avoid pilling up the plastic waste by making food at home. The same goes for drinks; make large batch cocktails or get a keg instead of buying individual cans.

Buy Local: Buying local ingredients not only helps the local economy, it also reduces carbon emissions!

Send Home Leftovers: Have guests bring reusable Tupperware to take home leftovers so no food goes to waste.

Keep It Natural: Buy or make natural bug sprays and sunscreens.