Anastasia Muravyeva, World Champion Dancer, CEO and Founder ‘Dance ‘n Dazzle’

Rick talks to world champion dancer, Anastasia Muravyeva this week.

Anastasia has a fun new concept of dance entertainment.

This is priceless entertainment for any occasion.

Dance ‘n Dazzle provides all inclusive and unparalleled special events, castings, media, and print spreads with the most elegant and memorable element, that will surely add a sparkle to the occasion. Wedding packages illustrate the most detailed pieces and luxurious displays of elegance. All packages are immaculately designed to provide the necessary talent and ambiance to accommodate any type of movie productions, print, and live requirements. “DND” caters to the most sophisticated venues with next-level entertainment, organized to complement accompanied headliners or to be the centerpiece of any celebration.

“DnD’s” spectacular holiday and themed events are paired with light shows and costumes to create a mesmerizing experience. “DnD” also offers metadance, which is a virtual engagement that’s displayed at a digital venue of the client’s request. Moreover, their presentations bring the most enamoring dynamic to any corporate gathering. Red carpet and dinner shows are magnificent additions that provide a formal and classy atmosphere.

Ms. Muravyeva has derived inspiration from one of her favorite quotes from Fred Astaire, “Do it big, do it right and do it with style.” Dance ‘n Dazzle agency hosts the most talented performers trained to provide events or media with the most luxurious entertainment available in the industry.

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