Shaswat Dixit ‘Shani’, ChaiBot Founder

Tea is hot!

For tea lovers or those new to tea!

ChaiBot is a blend of superior engineering design and product innovation to overcome daily hassles in tea making. With its elegant design and classy colors of black, white and matcha green, it will perfectly complement any kitchen setting.

ChaiBot – the world’s first all-in-one tea machine that brews healthier, and faster, with more kinds of tea, so you can enjoy perfect cups

With a push of a button. ChaiBot is a fully automated machine which offers three different modes of making a customized perfect cup of Tea, Chai and frothy Matcha. Add your favorite type of tea – from bags to fresh ingredients and spices and your flavourful drink is ready in less than 2 minutes – 4x faster than a kettle or any other method.

ChaiBot uses patent-pending Total Tea Extraction Technology (TTE) to extract 99.8% of the tea molecules. That means you’ll get the richest flavor possible and 30% more antioxidants in your tea, all the while using a minimal amount of tea leaves.
By heating water to the correct temperature for each individual tea, ChaiBot brews a good pot of delicious tea by extracting the flavors from the leaves of the tea plant, fruits, herbs, flowers and spices in an infusion.

Thanks to automatic self-cleaning mode, it will always be spotless and ready for your next cup without any trace of a dirty mess and time waste.