Rooly Eliezerov, Co-Founder and President of Gigya, Author of ‘The Digital Identity Crisis’

Rick is joined by Rooly Eliezerov this week. Rooly is the Co-Founder and President of Gigya.

Who controls the data we have stored online? We take a look at that and a new book this week.

Gigya is the industry leader in Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM), providing over 700 leading brands and businesses with tools to help them foster more trusting, engaged relationships with their customers. Last year Gigya announced its acquisition by SAP, in order to help the German software giant provide a more comprehensive, streamlined privacy solution suited for the rapidly changing digital landscape.

Eliezerov leads Gigya’s overall product strategy and development. Rooly began his career in architecture but felt limited by the constraints of physical buildings, which, once built, could be easily adapted to the needs of people. Rooly thus chose to focus on designing virtual environments in the digital world, moving into the Internet advertising and marketing industry, with a focus on product development.

In the wake of the acquisition, and of over a decade navigating the evolution of digital identity and the changing relationships between businesses and consumers, Rooly released a book this at Adobe Summit entitled, The Digital Identity Crisis.

The Digital Identity Crisis catalogs the evolving dimensions of individual identity which have emerged through the digital era, the challenges that businesses today are facing as a result, but how with those challenges also comes an unprecedented opportunity to forge truly personal, lasting relationships with customers which bridge both the digital and physical spheres.

Rooly is a delight and a wealth of information and he even talks a little sports this week. Buy his book here.

The Digital Identity Crisis