Richard Spurling, Founder and Executive Director of Aceing Autism

Great to be joined by Aceing Autism’s Richard Spurling this week.

He’s doing fantastic work with putting tennis racquets in the hands of people who have never experienced tennis and success on the tennis court.

Richard attended Florida Atlantic University where he played Division I tennis and achieved his degree in International Business. Following graduation, Richard went on to teach tennis while maintaining his own pro status on the tour, including managing various high profile tennis programs in Florida, Boston and Cape Cod.

Richard earned his MBA in 2008 from Babson College where he focused on entrepreneurship. Richard lives in Los Angeles with his wife Shafali Jeste and their two children Nischal and Kiran.

Here is the vision of Aceing Autism:

With our organization now firmly established and with our program delivery model now proven to achieve meaningful benefits, for the foreseeable future we intend to grow the number of participants on an annual basis across the U.S. to 4,500 by the end of 2021. In so doing, we plan to be overseeing 80-90 program sites throughout the U.S. together with establishing the necessary operating and support infrastructure to successfully fund, maintain and improve our activities. Beyond the number of children served, we intend to enhance our program offerings, so as to achieve ever-improving service delivery outcomes for the children and families being served, volunteer training and engagement, as well as all other stakeholders. At the same time, we expect to improve our organization capacity so as to be positioned to serve a significantly larger population of participants thereafter. As we embark on this vision, we believe a variety of additional opportunities will emerge that will enable us to enhance our organization and the benefits delivered to our stakeholders in a variety of new and exciting ways.

Enjoy Rick’s talk with Richard!

Richard Spurling of Aceing Autism