Kim Carducci, Author, Former D1 Swimmer on Athletes and Mental Health

Rick is joined by Kim Carducci this week and she has a new book!

Carducci’s debut book, The I of the Tiger, is out and it goes into depth about the mental health aspect of being a top performing athlete and offers ways athletes can manage their minds.

Carducci was able to rise above her darkest moments after retiring as a D1 swimmer at the University of North Carolina but many top sports competitors don’t. In The I of the Tiger, Carducci uncovers the many layers, fears, insecurities, and complexities the athlete identity produces. She offers insights on how this identity negatively impacts mental health and ways athletes can navigate pivotal transitions.

“When life hits us hardest, it’s important to understand the biological and psychological effects of pain to shed light on how we can best process our emotions.” offers Carducci. “With this understanding, we can move past the shock of a situation, grow stronger with a refreshed identity, and adopt a framework for life that encourages strength, clarity and light.”

Kim is a former DI swimmer, mental health advocate, podcaster and Founder of Everything Athletes.

In her athletic career, Kim struggled with depression and has since dedicated herself to helping other athletes cope with the realities of the sports world.
Kim founded Everything Athletes, an online refuge for competitors, where she offers the resources and tools needed to thrive in sport.

She resides in Atlanta, GA.