Kenichi Herano of ASICS Institute of Sport Science at CES

Rick is joined by Kenichi Herano of ASICS, this week. He is Executive Officer and Senior General Manager at ASICS Institute of Sport Science.

What is ASICS doing at CES?

The ASICS Energy Research Lab is at CES to see sports innovation at work – and a look at the research.

This is the first time that we are bringing the ASICS Energy Research Lab to CES, as we celebrate our commitment to innovation and technology in 2020.

Our booth will lift the curtain on the incredible work done by our scientists at the ASICS Institute of Sports Science, bringing their lab into the real world and demonstrating the impact technology can have on performance.

What was going on at the Lab:

Discover ground-breaking science and technology that allows you to run further, faster and more efficiently
Hear (and see) our plans for how we innovate to revolutionize sport and movement, including a world-first reveal of our latest technology
Gain exclusive interview access and insight from our c-suite executives and ISS scientists

Three shoes were at CES, Evoride, as well as two other shoes — the Metaride and the Guidesole (both already released) — their Running Analyzer. The Running Analyzer involves running on a treadmill, wearing each of the three shoes, while a camera analyzes your movements. The Running Analyzer app assess your run to help you learn more about how you run and how you can improve your form (and of course also to determine which of the Asics shoes are best for you).

Have a listen and hear what is going on at ASICS.