Jordyn Barratt, Skateboarder, US Olympic Hopeful

Rick talks to skateboarder, Jordyn Barratt about the Tokyo Olympics, and how she is training under new restrictions, staying focused and staying sharp! She has a great sponsor along for the ride in Clif Bar.

The 2020 Olympics was set to be the first games to include skateboarding and where 21-year-old Barratt was ready to fulfill a lifelong dream. She competed in her first professional competition in 2017 and was the first woman to compete in the extreme sports circuit. But while disappointed about the delay of the games due to the pandemic Jordyn, like other Americans is taking this time to improve her energy and focus on the 2021 games.

According to a new survey, 89% of Americans say it has been hard to focus this year. With the extra stress, close to half (47%) of Americans report having less energy than usual in the past few months. Because of the events in 2020, 64% of Americans say they will be taking new or greater action in their own mental and physical health. Clif can help you stay on course and stay focused.

Jordyn discusses how she is training for the 2021 Olympics, the addition of skateboarding to the games, provide inspiration tips to young women skateboarders, and share how she keeps her energy and focus during this unprecedented time.