Jason Bailey, Radio Personality, Inventor of My Court Caddy

Rick has a great guest this week!

Atlanta Radio Personality, Truist Atlanta Open presented by Fiserv tournament MC, and avid tennis player, Jason Bailey, who can now add “Inventor” to his resume.


The 46-year old radio personality has created a revolutionary new tennis product called “My Court Caddy.” It’s available for pre-order now!

It turns out, Bailey finally had enough with that dreadful third ball while on the tennis court. Maybe someone didn’t pick it up during play, and in times of a pandemic, he needed a safe place to put his “stuff.”

With an extra ball rolling around the court, a player could trip over it and sprain their ankle, lose it or the ball finds the only puddle on the court.

“I had the idea and my partner had a 3D printer, so we went to work producing the product to see if it would work,” explained Bailey. “Atlanta’s the No. 1 tennis city in the country and I envision this at clubs, tennis centers and maybe something tournaments or leagues provide to its players.”

My Court Caddy is a tennis player’s homebase for balls, towels, water bottles and anything else you decide to hang on any of the three hooks available. It’s a way to keep your things safe and away from your partner’s or opponent’s personal items.

How does it work?

The concept is simple, but the possibilities are endless. You just hook it onto the chain link fence with the two clips on the back and let gravity do its job. There are two side hooks and one bottom hook for all of your personal items. Perfect to keep an eye on your valuables and more.

How to get yours?

MyCourtCaddy is now available for pre-orders on the website. You can learn more about My Court Caddy at www.MyCourtCaddy.com.