Glenn Booth, CEO of Kiswe

Rick is joined by Glenn Booth of Kiswe this week.

Kiswe—the interactive video tech company, one of TIME’s most important inventions of 2021 and a Deloitte 500 top 20 company—has powered the world’s largest virtual concerts and events, including Josh Groban, BTS, Justin Bieber, Queen + Adam Lambert, Smosh, The Try Guys, The Rolling Stones and many others.

Kiswe also works with major sports teams and events including the NBA, PPV.COM, ESPN and most recently with the LA Clippers to bring alternative broadcasts to their fans via Clippervision, which allows for fans to watch the games in Korean, Spanish, or English.

Most recently, Kiswe has partnered with Times Square to bring the annual NYE festivities to people across the world. Viewers could upload reaction videos and selfies – allowing them to connect with each other all over the globe.

There is a lot going on here and much to discuss with Glenn. What a great discussion!