Eric Malafeew, Co-Founder of VR fitness and gaming company VirZOOM

Rick is joined by Eric Malafeew this week on “Tech of Sports.”

As Co-Founder of VR fitness and gaming company VirZOOM, Malafeew is bringing gaming and working out to a whole level, just like he did with gaming and music. The VZfit product allows users to use any cadence sensor that attaches to any stationary bike in seconds, all through the Oculus Quest. Though its VZfit Play App, users can experience flying a pegasus through the air, battle tanks, race in an F1 car, lasso old west bandits and more — all while biking through the experience. Users can also download any map from Google, bike the world and travel to any country, theme park, historical site, hometown, or even somewhere you’ve never had the chance to go, through its VZfit Explorer App. In the last 12 months, users have burned over 10,833,608 calories exploring and playing games with VZfit.

This is groundbreaking technology, much like Malafeew had years ago as Chief Architect of Guitar Hero. Malafeew, made an unorthodox decision to create a controller only for that game — which turned out to be a massive success. Now he’s betting on the VR industry, taking his creativity to a whole new level.

It all starts with recumbent bikes.

Malafeew and is team are using the power of virtual reality, and any stationary bike, you are transported to worlds where you must pedal to move. Explore the world, battle tanks, race a F1 car, fly a Pegasus, or lasso bandits in the old west.

All these experiences and more are included with VZfit. While you are fully immersed in a way that is only possible in VR and focused on your game, you forget that you are exercising. VZfit is the motivation you need!

A great conversation with Eric, including some Guitar Hero stories.

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