Eric Fouchard, Aeronest from New Pad Maker

One of my favorite things at CES in 2022 was a little fan ventilation system for facemasks.

Joined by Eric Fouchard this week on ‘Tech of Sports’ to talk about the groundbreaking Aeronest.

Attach Aeronest to your mask, push the button : « et voilà » , you are now breathing effortlessly !! Thanks to its magnetic attach system (patent pending) Aeronest adapt at a glance on your everyday mask (N95, surgical, fabric…)

Without altering the mask or its filtration capacities, install the fan that draws air for you. By renewing the air for 8 to 12 hours (3 speeds) inside the mask you forget about tiredness, pimples, mist on glasses… Aeronest : clip it and breathe.

Great for athletes, travelers and anyone who has to wear a mask for an extended period of time.

Aeronest will soon have a campaign up on Indiegogo.

Aeronest is a mask attachment that can be put on any mask thanks to its patented magnetic attachment system without altering both its structure and its filtration capacity. Its built-in fan draws fresh air to the inside of the mask, making it easier for you to breathe and preventing perspiration, glasses fogging up, etc.