Courtney Jeffries, CEO of Virtual Tables

Sports fan engagement.

Brainstorming dynamic and fresh approaches to fan engagement by combining traditional experiences with the digital era can be a challenge. Organizations in sports need to begin to understand the idea of extracting the lifetime value of the customer.

In professional sports 1% of all fans will go to a game live, but in today’s globalized digital world, why aren’t all sports organizations taking advantage of this connectedness?

Rick is joined by Courtney Jeffries, CEO of Virtual Tables. Virtual Tables is a startup that provides tools to organizations to help bridge the gap between themselves and their global audience.

Their flagship product is DigiSign, a 1:1 digital autograph platform product that allows sports fans to receive a personalized autograph and a meet and greet session with fans all over the world.

DigiSign has been used across 30+ countries with multiple sports organizations. Including the Formula 1 team, Williams Racing, The Connecticut Sun WNBA Team and the Athletes Unlimited sports league.

Courtney talks about:

The importance of platforms like DigiSign in the NIL era

Innovative fan engagement strategies for sports teams

Transforming traditional collectible experiences in the digital age

Eliminating the need for geographic limitations by taking advantage of global fan engagement tools

A great talk with Courtney.