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From the shoes we wear on our feet to the high definition televisions in our living room, wearable devices, the sports universe is a breeding ground for technology. Writer and Photographer Rick Limpert will examine this each week on The Tech of Sports – With guests which include athletes, inventors and journalists that cover the intersection of sports and technology.

Ken and Michael Richards of eSportsCards LLC

Rick is joined on this episode by Ken and Michael Richards of eSportsCards LLC.

Sports card collectors now have a new and techy way of organizing their collections with some bonus features thrown in.

eSportsCards, LLC. has created and released the “ScoutingReport” app and it is available on iOS and Android platforms.
⦁ google play –
⦁ app store –

First step is downloading the ScoutingReport app.

ScoutingReport allows the user to manage their collection across multiple devices, using common sporting terms:

  • Roster – this is the users entered collection. Through the built in on-demand synchronizing functionality, your collection is backed up to the cloud and can be leveraged across multiple devices.
  • Lineups – just like a coach or manager, Lineups provide the ability to partition and segment your collection into teams, sport, rookie, memorabilia, graded and authenticated, etc. Creating lineups is limited to your imagination.


The ScoutingReport app also offers a “Collector’sArena”, a proprietary peer-to-peer trading/selling, marketplace. Collector’sArena is a 24/7 Card Show with available tables growing with each new member to the community.

Collector’sArena is simple to use:

  • Name your price when you list your cards.
  • No auction to monitor and worry about last second buy out.
  • Transaction fees are based on our in-app ticketing system. Tickets are less than $0.01 per card. For the remainder of 2020, ticketing fees have been waived.
  • All transactions require PayPal for peer-to-peer selling via ‘goods and services’ transactions ensures the transactions, eSportsCards is not a middleman like other buying/selling platforms.
  • Packaging options predetermined by the seller and chosen by the buyer.

How to get started:

ScoutingReport is currently listed for $4.99 in the app stores. Here’s the functionality that is included with the $4.99 download:

  • Create a User profile – without the profile user interaction is limited to viewing items in the Collector’sArena, i.e. Window Shopping.
  • Create, organize, store and backup your collection.
  • Access to buy/sell in the Collector’sArena.
  • Initial 100 tickets.

Two recent updates to the ScoutingReport app:

Child Accounts:
We have implemented a few securities that are offered in the form of ‘Child Accounts’. A Child Account will enable you to set your child up with their own account; however, there are limitations available to that account that you select: how much can they spend on a transaction without authorization from you; they cannot see any materials (think Billy Ripkens’ bat) that are flagged as ‘Adult Only’ when cards are uploaded to the Collector’s Arena marketplace.

Users are not required to utilize existing nomenclature for their card collection. A user can use their own verbiage for card set, card brand or sub set; i.e. green refractor Tom Brady.

Special Deal:

We are hobbyists looking to bring the hobby community back to a central location via the ScoutingReport App and the Collector’sArena. Through the remainder of 2020, we have suspended the ticketing system, only fees are for the PayPal transaction.

Contact Information

Feel free to contact us via email at

Jennifer Ramsey, Online Fitness with _fitwithjenn_ on Instagram

Rick has a great guest in Jennifer Ramsey on this week.

Jennifer was a standout track and field student athlete at Wright St. University in Ohio and is completing her undergraduate degree in Sports Science.

More importantly, she has just launched her fitness-centric page on Instagram. Check out _fitwithjenn_ on Instagram.

Jennifer talks about the online fitness craze, her thoughts and being a leader, remaining positive and her brand in the future.

A future leader and bringing a lot to the table, Jennifer is carving out her niche and growing personally and professionally.

A great “Tech of Sports” interview.

Rodrigo Almeida, North Texas Assistant Women’s Tennis Coach Talks Tennis and Online Fitness

Rick is joined by his friend, Rodrigo Almeida this week on “Tech of Sports.”

Rodrigo is an assistant tennis coach and the Tennis Health Program Coordinator at the University of North Texas.

One of the top young coaches in the nation who is widely respected for player development, Almeida helped lead the Campbell men’s team to the 2018 Big South Conference championship. He spent a season at UTEP with the women’s team and helped develop freshman Kristen Prelle into an all-conference No. 1 player in the Miners lineup and one of the league’s top players overall.

Almeida talks about tennis fitness, college tennis and answers Rick’s questions about the online fitness industry as quarantine is still a thing in many parts of the country.

Almeida was a standout player for Western New Mexico from 2010-14. On two occasions he was named the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Player of the Year. He climbed as high as 26th in the ITA’s NCAA DII rankings, and was also the top-rated player in the central region as a senior.

Upon the conclusion of his playing career, Almeida served as a student assistant coach for both the men’s and women’s teams at WNMU. Both teams advanced to the RMAC Championships. Additionally the men’s team secured a ranking of 27th.

Almeida served as an instructor and group chaperone for 15 nationally-ranked American juniors who toured and played in cities like Amsterdam, Prague, Barcelona and Paris. He then went on to serve as a tennis professional for Cliff Drysdale Tennis, instructing individuals with skill levels ranging from beginners to semi-professionals. Following his time Cliff Drysdale Tennis, Almeida accepted the position at Campbell.

Make sure you follow Rodrigo’s tennis page on Instagram at

Bill Cuebas, ‘The Golf Father’ on Golf in Florida

Rick talks about the state of golf in the State of Florida this week with “The Golf Father,” Bill Cuebas.

Bill is a resident of the State of Florida and has been out golfing. Golf was deemed essential in Florida by the Governor. How have golfers reacted to new restrictions, what are the golf courses and manufacturers doing in times of a pandemic?

Rick and Bill discuss many topics. Bill is Director of Communication at, a product tester and reviewer. He is a co-host on BiGGs Golf Talk Radio

Bill’s quotes:

“I Love the game of golf and all it has given me mentally and physically.”
“Love The Folds of Honor and all that they do to support our Military families.”

Steve Snyders, Sun Mountain Sports and Finn Scooters

Rick is joined by longtime PR rep, Steve Snyders this week talking about Sun Mountain Sports and Finn Scooters.

In the time of COVID-19 golf, these companies have products that come in handy.

Rick and Steve talk about how these companies offer great products in these days of social distancing on the golf course – push carts and lightweight golf bags by Sun Mountain and the personal golf machine that is Finn Cycle.

Snyders has represented many golf communities and companies including Sun Mountain Sports and its affiliates for 20+ years.

Steve Snyders
Sublime Public Relations

Idia Ihensekhien, Dartmouth All-American Rugby Player, Canadian National Team

Rugby has never been a topic of discussion on “Tech of Sports” before, but that is about to change.

This week, Rick is joined by an All-American Rugby player from Dartmouth and a member of the Canadian U20 National team, Idia Ihensekhien.

Ihensekhien, currently a member of Dartmouth’s Women’s Varsity rugby team and the Canadian national U20 team. Ihensekhien is a dynamic forward with speed akin to that of a back. Furthermore, Ihensekhien is instrumental to Dartmouth Women’s Rugby success and is a fierce competitor on the national stage. She has received numerous awards throughout her career, such as MVP titles and is a three time All-American and national champion. Ihensekhien has also been selected to tour with Canada three times.

Moving forward she aims to compete for a spot on the Canadian National Senior team and play in a World Cup.

In 2019, she was named to the All-NIRA Team. Ihensekhien had her best season to date in 2019, ending her junior year third on the team in points (45) and second in tries (9). She scored a career-high three tries in the Ivy Rugby Championship win over Harvard and had two tries in three other games.

This is an episode to learn a little about the global sport of Rugby from the perspective of an interesting young student athlete.

Rugby, football game played with an oval ball by two teams of 15 players (in rugby union play) or 13 players (in rugby league play). Both rugby union and rugby league have their origins in the style of football played at Rugby School in England. According to the sport’s lore, in 1823 William Webb Ellis, a pupil at Rugby School, defied the conventions of the day (that the ball may only be kicked forward) to pick up the ball and run with it in a game, thus creating the distinct handling game of rugby football. This “historical” basis of the game was well established by the early 1900s, about the same time that foundation myths were invented for baseball and Australian rules football.