Brent Huigens, CEO of PWCC Marketplace from The National

PWCC had a presence at the National in Cleveland. So it was great that Rick caught up to PWCC CEO, Brent Huigens.

Brent Huigens, CEO of PWCC. Since 1998, PWCC has provided buyers and sellers of investment-caliber trading cards with an efficient, honest, and predictable marketplace. Trading cards are an emerging real asset class poised for growth as the market better recognizes the inherent supply/demand mismatch inherent to the industry. Compared to traditional brick-and-mortar auction environments, PWCC offers buyers and sellers a superior marketplace, principled in reduced transaction costs, faster turn- times, increased liquidity, and greater transparency. This isn’t just a hobby. It’s an investment.

We hear what PWCC is doing at the National and what they have coming up on the horizon.

PWCC Marketplace is the largest seller of investment-caliber trading cards with thousands of available cards on auction.

Brent Huigens