Zakita Edinborough, ‘The Limbo Queen’ from UniverSoul Circus

Ladies and Gentlemen! Prepare to be amazed.

Well, at least prepare for “The Limbo Queen,” Zakita from the UniverSoul Circus.

UniverSoul Circus opens in Atlanta at Atlantic Station’s Pinnacle Lot this weekend and is scheduled to run through May 26 — marking the first time that the UniverSoul Big Top has set up at Atlantic Station.

The touring show was created by concert and theater promoter Cedric Walker, who combined elements of live theater, high-powered concerts, and circus arts to create a unique blend of family-friendly entertainment. The first UniverSoul Circus show was held back in 1994 in Atlanta and was an immediate hit, leading to multi-city tours and acclaim from around the world.

Current acts in the show include a Caribbean Carnivale, the incredible Havana Night Skaters, Extreme Riders (yes, they even fly motorbikes under the tent), and the Wheel of Death.

The Atlantic Station Pinnacle Lot is located at 241 20th Street Northwest in Atlanta. Park in the Atlantic Station parking deck and you get two free hours of parking.

Rick is joined by Zakita this week. Hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, Kita has been performing in the UniverSoul Circus for eight years. Hear as she explains that the Limbo is the national dance of Trinidad and Tobago and what life is like traveling in a touring circus.

The whole UniverSoul Circus is delighted to be in Atlanta for 10 days.