Tom Whaley, CEO of Aloe Up

From Surf Expo, Rick talks with Tom Whaley of Aloe Up, about skin care products for athletes.

Aloe Up bases all of their products with pure Aloe Vera Gel and continually update and enhance their formulas to keep Aloe Up safe for our customers as well as their environments.

“We pride ourselves in creating the most comfortable, clean, and effective sunscreen available.”

Dozens of athletes use Aloe Up products because they want to, not because they are compensated.

Most people know a little about Aloe Vera Gel, but not the whole story. We know it’s good for you, natural and helps with burns. How many times have you come back from the beach with a bad sunburn — then, someone finds an Aloe Vera Leaf, breaks it open and rubs the gel on your burn? Feels better, right?