Tiffany Taylor, Schedule Optimization, Time Management

Great to be joined by Tiffany Taylor this week. She’s a productivity and time management coach.

There used to be a time when working more hours yielded more income, but there will always be a cap on time, as you’re seeing. The key is to scale results without scaling stress and workload. We all want to get more done in less time, but your scheduling and prioritization skills alone will determine your level of success.

How did we end up here? Productivity in the Industrial Age was all about getting more done in less time, but when the internet came around, the traditional school of Time Management taught humans methods that were fit for computers. That led to blaming individuals for lacking motivation and discipline when they couldn’t keep up. (Ouch!) This really applies to those of us in sports.

Today we’ve finally made it to the Knowledge Age where Entrepreneurship & Management are being introduced to Single Tasking, Flow State and Deep Focus. While times are changing, much of our programming for Productivity is archaic and unfit for life in today’s fast-paced world.

Hustle Culture pushes phrases like #TeamNoSleep and #WorkHardPlayHard and it’s no wonder hard working Americans are left scrambling for therapists & psychiatric medications to stabilize their sanity.

Your Transformation…

Imagine waking up every single morning full of energy, without an alarm clock. Your mind is still and you go about your schedule without a scattered mind spewing thoughts at you in every direction. Your morning routine is optimized not based on the most recent book you read, but based on your biological needs to optimize your brain function. As you sip on fresh mineral water, you reflect on the days that sleep used to be a luxury and realize that you’ve finally reached a place where you can sleep, exercise & get proper nutrition without feeling guilty for not working during that time. You’re mentally strong and prepared for a high-caliber day where you have all the time you need to complete a day’s work.

Tiffany is here to help and explain.