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Jason Shatsky, CEO and Founder of TicketRev

The best ticket buying experience.

Rick talks to Jason Shatsky, CEO and Founder of TicketRev this week.

TicketRev is the first ever buyer-driven marketplace for live events, allowing fans to name their own desired price for tickets without any fees. From there, sellers are able to accept these requests and sell their tickets without ever having to list inventory for sale. Available for sports & music fans in marquee cities like New York, Miami, Los Angeles and Boston, TicketRev’s platform has grown to over 10,000 active users and is changing the power dynamics of live events.


The roadblocks currently preventing fans from buying concert tickets at a fair market price

How they can get cheaper tickets to major summer 2023 concerts (Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Drake, etc.)

How Ticketmaster and Live Nation are stifling competition within the live event ticketing industry

Why this is dangerous, and what the industry needs for success

If the current industry landscape is prepared to meet a 350% expected growth in 2023 concert tours versus 2019

What this will mean for consumers

Why they are still vulnerable to increasing ticket resale prices

If this will successfully lower prices for fans attending live events

What else the industry needs to be successful and lower the barriers of entry to live events

The potential impact of recently introduced ticketing legislation; how it can encourage new entrants in the market, leading to more choices and better pricing for consumers

How transparency in fees can enable consumers to make better-informed decisions when purchasing tickets.

The future of live event ticketing

An engaging talk. Thanks to Jason for coming on this week!