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Taylor Blotske, US Navy Officer Candidate Live from Officer Training School

Intriguing this week as Rick talks with US Navy Officer Candidate, Taylor Blotske, from Officer Training School in Newport, Rhode Island. Taylor is in the middle of this 13-week training school. He and Rick talk about what training school is like, where he wants to be in 5 years and some of the tech he uses.

Blotske, a Stockbridge, GA native and 2015 graduate of Woodland High School is hoping to launch off the flight deck of an aircraft carrier as a Naval Aviator. A true American patriot, Blotske joined the Navy for three short and simple reason, “to join an amazing community, see the world and serve my country.”

Officer Candidate School, located in Newport, Rhode Island is a grueling 13 week long program that will put Blotske and her classmates to the test morally, mentally, and physically. If she passes and graduates with his class at the end of September, she’ll be commissioned as an Ensign and join the ranks of our Navy’s leadership.

Young men and women like this Officer Candidate deserve to be recognized in their community for the service and sacrifice they are providing to our Navy and our Nation.