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Antonia Townsend is the Founder, CEO of [ENCLOSED]

Rick is joined by Antonia Townsend this week. She is the Founder, CEO and “Chief Knicker Officer” of [ENCLOSED] — the first and only lingerie gift-giving service specifically designed to empower men to create high-end, romantic gift experiences for the women they love.

Since launching in 2013, the San Francisco-based e-commerce lingerie subscription company has generated multimillion-dollars in revenue while servicing 30,000 customers in 20 countries.

Townsend launched [ENCLOSED] after watching her friends struggle with romantic gift giving and seeing an underserved niche just below Agent Provocateur but considerably higher than Victoria’s Secret. Heck big tough guys and even professional athletes need help with these type of purchases.

[ENCLOSED] offers a monthly, three, six or 12-month subscription of lingerie deliveries with the ability to cancel at any time. Prices range from $55 to $1,300. [ENCLOSED] gets the fit right 98% of the time and offers a no-hassle fit guarantee.

Prior to launching [ENCLOSED], Townsend spent nearly 25 years working as a CEO, CMO and c-suite executive for companies including Clear and Edit.com. She earned her BA from Wesleyan University and her MBA from Columbia University. She resides in San Francisco with her husband and baby.

Here is how it works:

· Personal Service: [ENCLOSED] experts work with gift-givers and hand-select a personalized gift for each recipient.

· Luxury Products: Sourced from the finest luxury designers worldwide, just below Agent Provocateur but considerably higher than department stores.

· Flexible Subscriptions: Gift-givers can select a monthly gift or choose a three, six or 12-month plan with the ability to cancel at any time. Let her anticipate what’s coming next month and be a hero all year long.

· Pricing and Fit Guarantee: Prices range from $55 to $1,300. They get the fit right 98% of the time on the first try and offer a no-hassle fit guarantee.

Give [ENCLOSED] a try and thanks to Antonia.