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LD Morrow, Author, Comedian, Bartender, Storyteller ‘Think Like a Bartender’

Rick is joined this week by L.D. Morrow talking a great new book, Think Like a Bartender: Recipes for Life.

There are sports connections of course as L.D. will explain in this fascinating interview.

Think Like a Bartender: Recipes for Life would be a great addition to a holiday gift guide! Comedian, former bartender, and storyteller L.D. Morrow has written the new book, which shows the amazing parallels between the job skills of a bartender and life skills for everyone. From learning how to cut people off to working through a bad day, Think Like a Bartender encourages people to tap into their inner mixologist and “serve up” their best selves. Think Like a Bartender is set for on November 18 and will available in print, ebook and audiobook on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, and many more booksellers. The book will retail for $11.99 ISBN: 978-0-578-44889-3.

“Think Like a Bartender mixes two parts wisdom and one part comedy for a delicious cerebral cocktail everyone will enjoy!” says Morrow. “Even if you have never had an alcoholic drink, you will giggle your way through this personal, yet amusing perspective on living your best life.”

Have a listen as Rick and L.D. talk about people that spend copious amounts of times at bars and the various roles of the bartender.

Morrow’s career path included bartending while she was in college. She developed a love for the profession and wrote the humorous “self-help” book to show how a bartender’s skills translate to life skills for everyone. The book also serves up some of Morrow’s favorite cocktail recipes at the end of each chapter.

In addition to writing, Morrow is a sought after comedian. She has performed at New York’s famous Caroline’s on Broadway, Broadway Comedy Club and other notable venues. Morrow’s southern charm and quick wit has served her well as host of red carpet events and moderator of panel events around the country. She is also an associate producer for the 2019 short film Burden.

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Morrow holds a Master of Arts in Strategic Communication and Leadership from Seton Hall University, an MBA from the Jones School of Business at Texas Southern University and is a graduate of leading industry programs, CTAM-U at Harvard Business School and the acclaimed Digital Marketing program at Cornell University.

A lover of Tequila and Irish Whiskeys, Morrow can often be found making cocktails for her friends while cracking jokes.

Have a listen to Rick and L.D. and make sure you check out Think Like a Bartender.