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Kelsey Caputo of Kadan Swimwear

Based in the Florida Keys, Kadan Swimwear is the new and unique swimwear line from 18-year old designer, Kelsey Caputo. ‘Kadan’ means ‘where the heart lies.”

Rick is joined by Kelsey, on this episode of “Tech of Sports.”

“Every woman should feel comfortable, look. The suit alone is a statement piece, add a bracelet and a wide-brimmed hat for extra flair,” Caputo said.  For Caputo, this venture has helped her remain close to what she loves- the water.

“I spend a lot of time on the water, fishing and boating. I could not be any more grateful for the place I get to call home. Beginning a bathing suit line has allowed me to make a small dream into reality with hopes to become a known brand in the near future.”

Kardan Swimwear is new a high-end suit line, and launched its first capsule collection with exhibit space at the January 2018 Surf Expo in Orlando. The suits are created by 18-uear old and emerging designer, Kelsey Caputo.

The high-performance pieces reflect a coastal living that is fresh, laid-back and stylish. Pieces range from $75 to $120, and are on sale at boutique stores dotting the Florida Keys and online at www.kadanswimwear.com.

The capsule collection offers five styles in calypso and baby blue. She envisioned beautiful women wearing her suits having fun and feeling confident when she conceived the idea and started designing.

“Every line tells a story,” explains Caputo, who graduated high school early to persue her designing interests. “Mine says elegant costal living for modern women.”

A tireless worker, Caputo admits having filled sketch books with hundreds of suit designs, albeit rudimentary, from every angle, and thinks about the colors often. “They’re basic, but its just to get the ideas down.”

Visit Kadan Swimwear by Kelsey’s website at https://kadanswimwear.com and follow her on Instagram/Facebook at @kadanswimwear