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Dr. Stephen Liu, FORME and the Forme Tour

Rick talks with Dr. Stephen Liu this week, the man behind FORME and the Forme Tour.

FORME is a transformative solution to daily posture training and lifestyle improvement and Dr. Liu. Additionally, Forme has created the PGA Tour sanctioned Forme Tour to help disadvantaged, minority and Canadian players boost their careers. The top 5 point earners are exempt into the Korn Ferry Tour so a good opportunity for a bunch of golfers who need it.

With athletes in mind, Forme, founded by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Liu, created the Core Tee and sports bra designed to correct and train alignment of the spine/neck/shoulder/hip and increase joint movement, reduce injuries, boost recovery and provide better breathing for increased oxygenation intake. It is a sports and lifestyle wearable therapeutic. While Whoop is a wearable, it is purely a diagnostic; Forme is a wearable therapeutic.

The Forme shirt instantly pulls your shoulders down and back, correcting posture and stance for optimal form, comfort and breathing. You don’t have to do anything but put it on. No stretching, no exercising, no charging. Forme trains and nurtures your body’s alignment, giving you posture that allows you to perform, think and live at your highest level while enhancing the fundamental basics of your biomechanics so that you can make the most use of your body.

It quickly became a hit with U.S. Olympic teams, NBA, MLB, and NHL athletes and both the men’s and women’s U.S. national rugby teams. Now dozens of PGA pros, their caddies and trainers are using it including Harold Varner III, Ben Han, Jared Wolfe (exempt on the PGA tour in 2022), Rohan Ramnath and Adam Scott’s caddie John Limonti and leading trainers and instructors. Images of HV3, (including one of him stretching with Forme under his Nike gear) Ben and John are attached. Data from Sheldon Roberts, HV3’s trainer, showing improvement from his clients are also attached.

While created for athletes, Forme has benefits for non-athletes as well as 70% of the population sits at least 6 hours a day in front of a computer or TV or traveling on a plane. Bad posture has become public enemy #1 for both golfers and non-golfers. The shirt is designed as a natural and sustainable solution for anyone with back and neck issues as the wearable therapeutic naturally trains your muscles to always be in correct posture. “I wear the shirt when I’m flying from event to event and when I am training. Sometimes I even sleep in it. The biggest difference I see in my body is good posture from wearing the shirt”-HV3.

Great to talk with Dr. Liu.